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Dallas, Texas
I have a pre-bonsai Chinese Elm that has been bugging me for a long time. It was missing a lower branch and just didn't look proper to 'me'. That problem is now solved!
I didn't want to wait until the tree grew a long 'subject' limb that I could use as a typical thread-graft, so I purchased some rooted cuttings and waited for them to show a few leaves to make sure that my grafting subject matched the host tree that it would become a part of. The operation was a success, and now that they are "one with themselves"... we'll see if they both survive the procedure. Fingers are crossed!
Luckily, the scion that I chose had a rather large base, towards the roots, and was extremely consistent in its diameter throughout the length/portion that was to be grafted into the trunk of its host. It measured a consistent .215" in diameter. I chose a .210" diameter drill bit to perform the task. The scion was an 'extremely' tight fit going into the trunk. Took a lot of pushing, pulling and twisting to get it in, but it finally got there. I was surprised to see that none of the outer bark was scraped off in the process! I had to remove a few leaves (they were too big to fit through the hole), but not one of the numerous buds were disturbed. I sealed the wounds with 'duct-seal'/Neem oil (a cost effective trick I learned here on this forum ;)). I also secured the root ball, as well as the long scion with wire. Not sure if that was necessary, due to the extremely tight fit of the scion, but I did it anyway. The root ball 'bagging' of the scion is open at the top, for water/feeding, and the bottom is also slit to allow for drainage and air. I'll be covering the root ball bag with a modified 4" plastic pot to keep it from getting too hot in the direct sun, once it finally comes out, here, again!
My Siamese Twins have now been created. Time to watch the calendar and wait until it's time to separate them... "tick-tock, tick-tock, yadda, yadda, yadda."
Please pardon my crummy photography. Maybe someday I'll learn how to take good photo's. (Maybe not)!

Scion Graft~1.jpg
Scion Graft~2.jpg
Scion Graft~3.jpg

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