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In March 2018, I was walking through a hornbeam forest 10 miles from my house in search of interesting trunks. But I didn't find them there.
But I saw a thin hornbeam branch, which lay on the ground and put down one root. And three shoots of this branch tried to grow vertically.
Ready "raft" (Ikadabuki), you can have some fun. I cut this branch from the tree and brought it home.
There was a lot of work with bonsai blanks that year. I just buried it in the ground in the nursery. And he didn't even bother to bend the "base" of the raft.
In 2019, the raft still seemed too frail to me, and I decided to leave it in the ground for another season.
In 2020, I climbed to look at the roots of the raft and noticedthat each of the three trees began to grow their own roots. And I did not understand what to do with it, and again left him in the ground.
March 2021 was unusually cold for these places. It was snowing for almost the whole month. And there were frosts. I usually do transplants in March, but this year it did not work out.
Further, it quickly became warmer and a lot of work was piled up with tree transplants, both with bonsai and in the garden. And when there was time for the raft, he had already let go of the leaves. This means that it will be possible to remove it from the ground only next spring. If this is unacceptable under the terms of the competition, I agree to remove this tree from him. In the meantime, we will limit ourselves only to cropping and unsuccessful photos.

P.S. I put a bucket without a bottom to show what exactly I am photographing😁. On that bed, the trees are quite dense.


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