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I have two different type of Maple trees Ive collected from my yard and was wondering if anyone knows the species.

The third type of tree which I just chopped this year, I am also kind of stumped on. Its a little strange how it grows three leaf clusters. Another thing that bothered me was some abnormal growth that appeared on some of the leaves. I didn't really think about posting a question about it until now but signs of it can be seen on a few leaves in the top left of the picture.


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First tree looks like a Sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus)
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So that last plant was bugging me so I did some searching. I think it maybe a Box Elder (Acer negundo) here is a link

I was thinking the same. A buddy tried a large boxelder in his early days of bonsai and it just isn't a good variety. It would shed branches for no reason and refused to reduce in leaf size. After a few frustrating years, and multiple attempts to give it away, I think he ended up tossing it.
Yes, the third is box elder. Those "bumps" on the upper leaves appear to be galls, which are usually harmless if unsightly.
Thanks for all the insight fellas. The boxelder was just growing wild in my yard had some nice trunk movement and appeared to be at least 3 years old so I figured I'd just give it a try for the fun of it.

Anyone got any clue what the second pictured Maple's species is??
My guess on the second would be Norway or silver maple. Not very good for bonsai...
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