What to do with ~2000 JBP Seedlings


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Near Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Hi all,
In my efforts to start lots of suitable material for bonsai I'm going to order 1 ounce of JBP seeds next January with some other pine species, maple seeds, and other things. One ounce of JBP seeds = around 2000 seeds (2031.25 to be exact) :D

So what the heck am I going to do with all of those? I have a carefully planned torture cycle for them (cut off whole root system and dip in rooting hormone) to get the best nebari possible, but I'll still probably have over 1000 of them, if 50% of them die!

I am going to graft the ones that I can, but I won't have that much stock to graft with...so at this point I am thinking putting in the ground to fatten them up.

Any other suggestions or am I just crazy? ;):eek::eek::eek:;)


PM me your email, I'll send you a couple of PDFs ;)

When you soak your seeds you will discover that many of them are not viable, aka dead. Even with the live ones you will be lucky to get 80% germination. I don't think you will have a problem finding room for them. If you do I have 106 acres prime for field growth! Haha
Thanks all for the reply. Yeah, I have realized that I will not have 2000 around, probably 1000 or less. That's still a lot tho..
I think you will be pleasantly surprised how many you end up with. I found there was lucky to be 10 % of mine that weren't viable and after that I believe most germinated. I made the mistake of not using a fungicide though and lost many after germination.
I would recommend taking the trouble to use sterilized growing medium and a fungicide.
You can build seed flats if you think they will need to be moved. Or just make a sand pit and scatter them all over the sand. It will take you several days if you plan on placing them evenly in rows or something like that. Protect them from animals and use fungicide. If all goes well, you should have 500 trees at the one year mark.
What varieties are you grafting onto them?
Thanks for those files meushi Great stuff.
Right now I only have a 'Zuisho' stock plant. And it's not very large so I'll probably (realistically) be able to graft just about 10 or so of them.

I'm trying to decide how to get some scion wood. I'm thinking that I could put out a plea for some rare JBP and JWP wood, but I don't know. I really really want a 'Koto buki' Black Pine but am finding a lack of funds from the wallet. ;)

Oh and Bretts, I'm using pure turface their first year. Easy, cheap, and I can fertilize every two weeks. Also root cutting to get best nebari possible. That should take care of a few. ;):D But I'll still end up with quite a few, I think.

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