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Wheeling, WV
Ok, so a few weeks ago we had a coversation about frost and a couple of nuts mentioned they had a little trouble with budding bonsai getting zapped by the frost.. At the time I didn't notice that one of my newly repotted hornbeams seemed to have gotten zapped.. The interior buds on the tree are popping green and nice, but a lot if the exterior branch buds are opening but they are a bit hard and a dark green..

What should I do??

Don H.
It's unclear what you're talking about. Are the exterior shoots opening? or are they not?

If they're opening, there's nothing wrong.
Wish I could take pics, but I pick up wifi and pics can be difficult to upload.. I guess it's just a waiting game.. One of my kohos is fully leafed.. My shohin is opening as we speak and is bright green and soft.. The one in question has leaves that have opened on the trunk and they look healthy.. The buds are opening on the branches but they are dark green and seem to be hard like they are opening dead.. I will give it a few days and see what happens.. we are getting a few nice days of rain and my trees are loving it, so When the sun comes for the next 3 days I should see some new signs.. Good or Bad..
If they are hard, dark green and AREN'T opening, they're dead. If they're opening, they're alive. Dead buds don't open.

If they are dead, the twig they're on is too, most likely. If that's the case, you can gradually prune back the limb from teh outside, take it inch by inch, until you hit green cambium (visible from the cut end) then stop...
Thank's Rock.. I will give it a better inspection this weekend.. I just seems weird.. Maybe it's me and having 3 kohos in 3 different stages is just throwing me off..
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