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    Dyed big box store mulch

    Any problems with the dye in big box store "mulch, bark"?
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    Smallest Leaf Deciduous Species

    Smallest I have collected is creosote bush.
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    Fish Stories

    My wife's latest, 157# , a nice one for Isla Guadeloupe
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    Gravity fed valve and timer

    Considered something on that vane but need a timer that is not based on 24 hrs. Once a week or so.
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    Gravity fed valve and timer

    I want to control a gravity fed water supply with a timer and valve. As the general sprinkler control valves use the input pressure to aid in actuation they will not work with only 48" of inlet pressure Suggestions? Thanks
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    Fishing trips 2018

    Wife and I have been catching Yellowfin all winter, but---400m S of San Diego
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    Desert Soil for Phoenix, AZ it's 100 f - 38 c

    they (acme) also sell by the 5gal bucket (yours)
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    The Yamadori Thread

    Check out this mountain mahogany near my cabin.
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    Any runners here?

    3 miles in a dry (most times) arroyo every day for last 11 years, here in Tucson. Started in 1971 at 10,000' in Leadville Co. Oh, born in '46 hahaha
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    Pine help

    I lost a very similar collected pinion from insufficient drainage, poor rascal looked identical.
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    This is near our cabin in NM. I cut all big roots early last year, only surprise may be up under the bolder it is growing against. Since I can wait to dig I may since I got up here a bit late considering the progress of the candles.
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    Ground layering an Aspen

    A "grove" is all one big plant, just take what Ya want.
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    Happy oak

    I have one for up to about 14" dia and another up to 20" dia. I am collecting in NM at about 6,800" ghues, like minds! here is the current system. The grow box bottom wire is protected by a folded piece of flashing. A piece of removable stop sign is placed in the bottom of the box and after...
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    Happy oak

    Have I shown my stove pipe? Well here it is- A piece of galvanized duct the dia ya need allowing a little over lap. Wrap it around the root ball after ditching all around, tighten up a wrap or 2 of rope to hold the soil together, slide your flat shovel under, or in this case a scoop I made, and...
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    Happy oak

    Just returned from 3 weeks at the cabin in NM. Loads of happy bonsai in training, in the ground and in the deer pen in boxes. This Oak I have been working on for 3 years. First year "styled" the top removing branches that had grown way out of proportion to what I imaged for the finished top...
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