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  • Dwight... you goose... where were you??? I got married after the cancer.... You missed this train darlin'. I married Ang3lfir3.... I was determined to have a life partner who wouldn't freak out every time I saw a full sized tree I wished was 1/10 the scale in a pot. lol Talk about being unequally yoked. Now life is bliss... a passion equally shared is a life deeply lived. xox V
    Cancer isn't the worst... it's the baggage and treatment that's the worst. :p I'm very luck I work at a retreat center that specializes in supporting patients as well as survivors... going to work is therapy all by itself. :D You should come up sometime for a retreat. :D They are free... which as you know in cancer related things... a rarity.
    Hey D... Mostly very healed of body... now I'm working on mind and spirit. Was a little too caught up in the chaos of that year to deal with the baggage of cancer. So I am getting lots of help and support and things are looking really up. It should be an exciting year all the way around. :) Thanks for asking my friend... V
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