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  • What's the deal? You are selling off you collection? Have you fallen and cracked your noggin or are you making room for the new stuff?

    I hope this message goes through...Ive never used this thing before.

    Chris Botero
    Hi Jason,

    I'm trying a bunch of ways to get through to you. A guy named Paul Masterson runs a bonsai site in Ireland, and has written a review of my book. He asked if he could include your photo of Dan and Walter at Elandan - I told him I'd ask you if it was OK as long as he gave you credit. Is it OK? TIA.

    Will Hiltz
    jason my man, how are you pal? i was hoping you could check out my thread
    any advice would be much appreciated.
    these trees have been bare rooted and put into a mix of;
    1/3 lava rock, 1/3 orchid mix, 1/3 fine shredded pine bark mulch.
    around the forest floors i have collected decomposed needles bound together by mychorizo. and have broken hand fulls of it up into the mix. finished on top with old brown needles as a mulch ready for the hot summers here. i am using seaweed lotion to water through and foliar feed once a week. the dirt/clay / shaol that came off the roots i have saved and soak a little of it in a bucket of water and then water that through once a week as well. i am not letting the soil the trees are in dry out at all. what do you think? the trees are in a position where they get morning sun and mid to late afternoon sun. the temps here are still under 68 deg.f. what do you think mate?
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