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  • Hi Walter, I have a number of newly repotted Cork Oaks; they were all root pruned and potted in Jan-March. The trees that had no foliage Burst Buds within a month, the ones with branches and foliage did not. They did lag and put on some Terminal Buds only. I then proceeded to defoliate and - viola! Buds all over. I trust your advise and am trying to decide if this Bud burst is seasonal timing or hormonal response. I am now questioning defoliating a larger Oak (now in April) in order to get Bud Burst as well. What do you think- remove leaves or all branches as well?
    Hi Walter!

    I did get to be in on the editing of the forward. I thank you for taking the time to do it. It is very appreciated and will help present the book in a good way to the reader. You are right when you say Daniel has never played the political games of bonsai popularity contests... instead he has focused on what he loved. Good bad or indifferent, he's made his mark on the art and it deserves to be recognized. Sorry I didn't respond to this earlier. I hear you are coming out this way sometime soon. I wish you well with that. - Victrinia
    I Walter, I saw that there was no one on your friends list. May I be the first ?


    Dave V.
    I have the pleasure of traveling to Germany June 2 through June 15. Do you know of any bonsai attractions that would be worth visiting?
    Nick Guthrie
    Dear Mr. Pall,
    Hello again,
    I contacted you a few years ago (06), prior to being deployed to Iraq. Well I'm back and was wondering have you had any experiences with Alders or Lindens? Its finally getting around to Spring again in the States, and I'm curious about layering this materials. I'm trying to gather/collect trees from Zone 5 Illinois, and have these trees
    that are locally available to collect.
    Thank you very much,
    Kevin H Johnson
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