1. Bonsilot

    Air Layering Thick T-Intersection Olive Branch

    I'm looking for advice on how to best airlayer a large T shaped branch on a European Olive (see photos). Questions below. Any tips or info on how long it will likely take would be greatly appreciated too. Here's my current plan: Make cuts on the branch at the red lines shown in the photos...
  2. glass_shark

    Failed air layering attempt

    Hello all, so I have unfortunately not gotten this Chinese elm to root, and have since taken the moss ball off of the tree. it's been off for a few days so everything soft seems to have callused over. 1, does anyone have any idea what went wrong? and 2, should I do anything to this to prevent...
  3. TwilightTrees

    Airlayering Juniper, Thuja, Cypress

    I want to experiment with airlayering a Thuja officinalis and some different Junipers, but I have no experience in that. I only had few airlayering results with deciduous trees. Anyone with advice on following questions: 1) Best time of the year for juniper airlayering? How long time is the...
  4. M

    Big cuts on a new Yamadori

    Hi, I have recently collected this tree (2 days ago, it was now or never) from a forest near my grandads house. I have potted it up in a plastic pot with regular potting soil (all that I have available) and given it a deep watering. In the photos you can see where I have cut the tree in order to...
  5. D

    Best time to air layer azalea?

    My friend has a cool looking azalea (not sure what variety) that his parents want to propagate. They've tried taking cuttings but they have failed to take root. I live in zone 8b.
  6. S

    Air Layering and Checking for Roots

    I'm trying to air layer my Japanese Maple tree and I want to check for roots. However, the person that helped me used black duck tape around the bag, so taking the tape off will tear the bag. FYI, please don't let the camera distract anyone.
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