1. Bricker918

    American Bonsai Assoc. of Sacramento Auction & Consignment sale

    Next month, September 26th 2023 is the American Bonsai Association of Sacramento’s Auction and Consignment sale! Come by and get some great material. American Bonsai Association Sacramento: Events
  2. BenBSeattle

    Seattle Bonsai Auction by the Puget Sound Bonsai Association

    Hope to see some the local Seattle and Pacific Northwest Folks at the Auction this year.
  3. mwar15

    AUCTION Kishu Juniper

    One Kishu juniper. Starting bid is $15 with free shipping to the conus and PR. Or free pickup. The auction will end Saturday April 25, 2020 at 5pm pacific standard time. It has been styled. It has a couple small jins and a nice couple year shari. I have had it about 4 years and has not been...
  4. J

    Bonsai Auction/99 Cent Bonsai Shadiness - and a better alternative!

    Hi, I'm sure that many of you saw the recent post on the Facebook groups, Bonsai Auction and 99 Cent Bonsai. The admins of those pages, who are already notorious for being shady and cliquey, have decided to begin charging sellers and buyers to use the auction. The whole point of these groups...
  5. milehigh_7

    Check the .99 Aution

    Good week for pots check it out: If you are not on facebook, this group is a good reason to have an account that you only use for buying stuff. You can get good deals.
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