azalea native

  1. BrightsideB

    Curious about this Azalea Identification

    I found this in Milton Ga growing wild. I clipped some branches for cuttings but am not sure about the genus or species. The flowers are the size of a quarter in circumference. Leaves are about a half to 3/4 inch long.
  2. nmilewski

    Nmilewski's "Azalea 2020-2025" entry

    Hey all! First time contest for me and another entry for the great North American deciduous Azalea experiment. This is an azalea 'fireball'. An exbury hybrid I got from a nursery. Trying to sort out if I need to gradually reduce down or if I can hard chop. Thinking the base has good potential...
  3. BonsaiButler

    Deciduous Azaleas

    Hi everyone, I was wondering If there are any deciduous azalea varieties that make good bonsai? I know most azalea bonsai are Japanese evergreen varieties. Does anyone have an example of these native azaleas as bonsai? Im asking because I picked up a couple with decent trunks at very a...
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