bald cypress sedlings

  1. skjohnson37

    Bald Cyprus root twist

    I'm honestly not even sure what to call this, nevermind what to do with it. I picked this guy up at a local nursery today because I was interested in the twin trunk effect (which I didn't see on any other BCs there, seedling or mature), but I'm not sure if I'll be able to do anything with the...
  2. bendem

    bare root bald cypress coming in Nov/Dec ... what to do?

    Hi folks. I'm new here and new to bonsai ... just picking it up a few months ago. I recently joined the Arbor Day Foundation and purchased 10 bald cypress bare root trees that are scheduled to ship between 11/15/2021 - 12/8/2021. They'll be delivered at an average height of 2'-3'. It would be...
  3. BonsaiNaga13

    Bald cypress seedlings

    My bald cypress are starting to swell, I bought some 11 by 14 dish pans that are 4 inches deep to repot them in but I think those may be too large. Right now they are in 2 8in bulb pans and a 10in ceramic pot. I know the ones in the ceramic pot need repotting soon but I was wondering if the ones...
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