1. dr.tenebris

    Azaleas acquired, tips tricks and general info about them appreciated!!

    I was out buying some groceries and my general store had some azaleas on sale... (The flowers caught my attention) I've been told that azaleas are very beginner friendly and given the sale... And the fact I needed a smaller pot for my poor poor Sequoia... I purchased one, I did quickly...
  2. chanduell

    Help a beginner with a Cork Bark Elm (Indoor)!

    Hello everyone! I have recently become extremely interested in bonsai growing, especially because I was always a fan of trees, but not as much with other plants. That said, I want to begin my very first bonsai, but I have several questions I have not found the answers to yet! Again, I have never...
  3. E


    Hi all! 😊 I got a bonsai tree for my birthday from my brother but he said the shop assistant couldn’t tell what kind of bonsai tree it was. Could any of you guys help me out with identifying it please? Would mean a lot. Also open to tips on how to keep it and care for it but I will do the...
  4. My Kind of Meat

    Advice styling this this douglas fir?

    I collected this double stem douglas fir in spring 2020 and grew it in this ugly plastic pot I had lying around. It grew very vigorously this year and with some light pruning and pinching I am starting to get some good back-budding. I would like to wire and style it this fall but I am unsure of...
  5. F

    First Bonsai - Mugo Pine - Need some advice

    Hello Everyone! I picked up this Mugo Pine from Lowes on clearance as it had a good amount of dead limbs on its one side. I live in North Carolina am a complete newbie to the bonsai world and this is my first attempt. I have been doing a good amount of reading online, watching youtube videos...
  6. JayD

    First Post: Acer Palmatum Seedling

    Hello all, I am new to the forum. I have grown to love and appreciate the Acer species from my time working in a Botanical Garden. Enjoying browsing the site so far! Started collecting plants for bonsai and training 2 years ago. I am excited to learn from and share with you all. Grabbed this...
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