1. Sn0W

    Built myself a bench

    I'm a dog walker/trainer and constantly have dogs coming in and out of the house, some better behaved than others. As the weather is getting better they're spending more time in the garden so I thought it's about time to protect my better trees! Popped to B&Q and picked up some materials with a...
  2. Gsquared

    Show Us Your Bonsai Benches

    I'm in a new house and going to be building some new benches soon. In the past I've done the standard board and cinderblock benches. Very functional and affordable, but would like to do something a little more attractive this time. Before I go get the lumber and start sawing, I thought I'd ask...
  3. sparklemotion

    First bench, already full.

    Someone should have warned me when I bought my first tree in April that one tree leads to more trees which leads to... furniture. Here's the bench I just finished (made Mr. Motion weld up the brackets). It's a good thing that this design is modular (check out Shirley's Simple Shelving for the...
  4. Tmcd009

    No More Lurking

    Well, the time has come to move out of the shadows and post something! I started getting into the hobby roughly a year ago, and so a lot of the work I did after my first summer was less exciting than what is going on this spring. So, I decided to be a more passive member of bnut until I had...
  5. Ryan H

    New bench

    Hi all, Just made my first bench and thought it'd share a few pics. I started with the Norbury plan (the plan was a huge help, big ups to Jeremy). Those adjustable C clamps were my best friends. I ended up making it a bit more compact, just over 6ft long, the back shelf framing is roughly...
  6. parhamr

    I built my first bench

    It's 8 feet long, 12 inches deep, and 18 inches tall. The total material cost was about $75 for this bench, and I have materials for five more benches. Some of the coming benches will be taller and twice as deep. I've intentionally put money into the lumber—select tight knot grade Western...
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