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  1. swatchpost

    Soil for large grow boxes

    Hello All— I was planning on buying a couple of large grow boxes for some trees to thicken trunks for 5 -10 years. What type of soil should I use? Regular well-draining bonsai soil fitting to the species? Or something more organic like one would find if you just planted the trees in the...
  2. BugsBonsai

    Mesh/screen on top of soil?

    So this might be a weird question, but has anyone used mesh/screening over the tops of their bonsai soil? An azalea I purchased a couple years ago had something like that when I bought it, and it worked great for keeping critters out of the pot when I fertilized. It still allowed me to water the...
  3. Ujjawal Roy

    Science behind root rot

    Hello everyone. I am unable to understand the science behind rotting roots, from what I understand it's usually that the roots die because of too much water (i. e. Lack of oxygen) and then fungal pathogens corrode away that root and it can spread into the healthier sections as well. I stay in a...
  4. Ujjawal Roy

    Bonsai substrate mix for dry climates.

    Greeting, everyone! I'll soon be shifting to a city that falls under USDA zone 12-13, the temps can go as high as 43°c in the summer months and the climate of the place is quite dry as it is away from the shoreline. My new house has a balcony which will receive morning sunlight till around 12...
  5. Ujjawal Roy

    General Bonsai soil discussion

    Hello guys, just wanted to share a thought with you about bonsai soils. I'm a self taught "trying to be" a bonsai artist, so, please forgive my lack of knowledge. I consider Mr. Nigel Saunders from The Bonsai Zone youtube channel as my online guru and have learned a lot from watching his videos...
  6. Ali Raza

    Is anyone using pine bark in their bonsai soil ?

    Hello to everyone. I manage to get somehow pine barks from mountain area through one of my friend. It was delivered yesterday. What can be possible utilization of pine barks in bonsai ? Your valuable comments will be appreciated.
  7. C

    Transitional soil?

    Hi all, I have a question that I cant seem to find an answer to online or in my books. I live in zone 6b and I am just getting into conifers. I currently have a small white pine and a cypress. Im not trying to bind them yet or anything. I just want them to be happy and healthy for a year or...
  8. Forest Bean

    Wild Maple Soil Suggestions

    I have posted about this maple this week. I collected it from the woods. I want to know peoples suggestions for soil once it stabilizes enough to be repotted. I don't know the specific species. I believe it is Acer Rubrum the Red Maple. Others have suggested the "Freeman" Maple hybrid and the...
  9. milehigh_7

    SCREWED UP! New Coarse DE Poll / Thread Please Comment!

    So I screwed up estimating. I will be able to get the price down to $31 which is competitive with pumice or lava from pretty much anyone and it is a much better product. So vote on the poll or just answer here if you would pay $31.00 free shipping for a large flat rate box (approx 3.5...
  10. Z

    Have you made your own soil?

    I was just wondering if I could make my own soil with things I could buy at Lowe's or home depot? If any of you have seen my other post you know I plan on collecting some trees this spring and well I'm going to need a lot of soil for them and if I buy the pre mixed stuff it's going to get...
  11. Josiana

    Creating a Non-Standard Mix

    I am apparently several hours from a shop that sells akadama, pumice, or lava rock. And the majority of the local shops only sell potting soil, lekaculor (clay pebbles), and orchid mix. So this is the mix I have created - 1/2 potting soil/small lecakulor mix - 1/4 perlite - 1/4 orchid mix...
  12. ekim046

    Jade Bonsai Update

    Hey folks, New to bonsainut (and forums in general) so bear with me please as I settle in :) I have a few bonsai I'd like to share, the first of which is quickly becoming a new favorite of mine - a Jade (portucalra afra) bonsai. I've made a few videos on some of the things I've done to her...
  13. Bonsai Supply

    Bonsai Supplies in Canada

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to introduce ourselves. We are a small business in Canada who recently launched an e-commerce business selling bonsai supplies online. We have a great selection of bonsai soil, tools, wire, figurines / mud men, pots and books. Would love your feedback on our products and...
  14. M

    Tar over my Bonsai soil !

    I don't know if anyone else has had tar form on the top of the Bonsai soil. A couple of months ago I re- potted a few of my trees. I make my own soil/mixture. I use Akadama, crushed lava, Pumice, fine gravel , composted bark, and chicken granite. Now a few of my trees have developed watery tar...
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