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    Resources for the N00b

    Hello! I am so excited to have found this forum as I have been working a tulip poplar into a tiny little pot and have a dwarf eastern pine that I would love to bonsai as well. I understand that I have no idea where to start— my first attempt at root pruning may have been an epic failure, and I...
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    Dug up boxwood - will this work?

    So I came across this woman offering her boxwood for free as long as they dug them out themselves. I've wanted to attempt a boxwood bonsai for a while but have zero experience. Before I waste my time, can anyone give me their opinion on the material I dug up? I had to cut off a lot of material...
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    Help me save Fukien Tea Bonsai

    Hello! My friend gave me this beautiful Fukien Tea Tree bonsai. This is my first ever plant. It was healthy a few days ago - the leaves were complete and a beautiful shade of green. My bonsai mentor said to put it in the sun a few hours a day but I think I burnt it. I found black spots on...
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