1. LittleDingus

    [Dingus] Romantic cherry tree progression...hopefully...

    These trees were destined for the ground after a move planned in 2-3 years. Every house we've lived in I've planted cherry trees so was trying to get a head start ;) I usually plant the standards but the local nursery had these and, after some research, thought I'd give them a try! They were...
  2. zekelogan

    Too soon? Prunus Subhirtella...

    These suckers seem to be above the graft line, thus a green light for trunk chopping? If not, I'm gonna start strategizing some air layering up top. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Location: CT, USA
  3. O

    Advise on a reverse taper and possible styling

    I have a cherry tree that I dug out of the ground, while it has some good features I like, it also has several inverse tapers. I was wondering if anyone could see a viable front by way of dealing with at least the first inverse taper? Thanks
  4. M

    Brush Cherry Advice

    I just bought this brush cherry from a local nursery. I repotted it 2 days ago with a basic bonsai soil and some basic bonsail fertilizer pellets since the soil it was in retained waaaay too much water and was definitely going to drown it. I like in nebraska and it gets hot and muggy so I leave...
  5. V

    Korean Cherry

    Picked up this Korean Cherry from @bonsaibp's nursery today..Chopped it down, wired a few branches, bent the trunk and threw it in a pond basket where it'll stay for the next year or two....
  6. JoeR

    Dwarf Barbados Cherry

    So at the Winter Bonsai Silhouette show I bought a dwarf barbados cherry prebonsai from a vendor for what I think is a good price. I have been thinking about purchasing one from wigerts for some time. Anyway, I bought it saturday and I noticed today that the leaves drop very easily when...
  7. ColinFraser

    Nanking Cherry (Prunus tomentosa)

  8. Termite Cherry tree

    Termite Cherry tree

    Re-potted this Cherry tree in a much smaller pot, this tree need lots of work still. An air layer will start this year as suggested by member... SMOKE!
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