1. Balbs

    Collected Cherry (I think)

    Collected this big stump in March. I should have cut it lower but this was the first time doing this. I thought it was a birch because the bark is whitish, but after it budded out I think it's some native cherry. Sorry the picture is terrible. So here is is today, and it's been growing...
  2. Wild Black Cherry bonsai literati slant style bunjin

    Wild Black Cherry bonsai literati slant style bunjin

    Repotted in February into a pot that it could be wired into place better. Also made it a little more upright. It's 22 inches tall but was around 10 feet tall when collected in 2020.
  3. Dragon60

    Sapling division: Dragonmaster's Japanese Okame Cherry forest

    From these Okame cherry trees/cuttings I will put together a small forest. The pot in the middle has very recent cuttings which will hopefully take root. On the left is an appr. 3 year old tree. On the right is a rooted sapling from a cutting - about 10 months old.
  4. RoadManDenDron

    The ugliest trunk i could find (prunus)

    I went out in search of ugly (another thread) I was disappointed in what I went out for which I think is what led me to this After what feels like a lifetime I finally found something that definitely fell out of the mould of the clones I keep rummaging through I expect its not the 'cup of tea'...
  5. Deep Sea Diver

    Rookies sorting out roots Ebihara don’t look!

    We got tired of our fledgling maples etc tossing out roots wherever and decided to see what could be done. 29 trees later we think we’ve got the basics. Now we are only hoping these lil guys will take the pummeling they received! Here’s just a few shots of the trees. Not necessarily the...
  6. LeoMame

    Prunus Mahaleb - what to do

    Hello Bonsai amigos, I've been gifted this Prunus Mahaleb, and even though I feel strangely attracted to it I'm completely blocked on what to do with it... I can't decide a front, I can't decide on branch selection and I don't have much vision for its future. I suppose this is all about...
  7. LittleDingus

    [Dingus] Romantic cherry tree progression...hopefully...

    These trees were destined for the ground after a move planned in 2-3 years. Every house we've lived in I've planted cherry trees so was trying to get a head start ;) I usually plant the standards but the local nursery had these and, after some research, thought I'd give them a try! They were...
  8. zekelogan

    Too soon? Prunus Subhirtella...

    These suckers seem to be above the graft line, thus a green light for trunk chopping? If not, I'm gonna start strategizing some air layering up top. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Location: CT, USA
  9. O

    Advise on a reverse taper and possible styling

    I have a cherry tree that I dug out of the ground, while it has some good features I like, it also has several inverse tapers. I was wondering if anyone could see a viable front by way of dealing with at least the first inverse taper? Thanks
  10. M

    Brush Cherry Advice

    I just bought this brush cherry from a local nursery. I repotted it 2 days ago with a basic bonsai soil and some basic bonsail fertilizer pellets since the soil it was in retained waaaay too much water and was definitely going to drown it. I like in nebraska and it gets hot and muggy so I leave...
  11. V

    Korean Cherry

    Picked up this Korean Cherry from @bonsaibp's nursery today..Chopped it down, wired a few branches, bent the trunk and threw it in a pond basket where it'll stay for the next year or two....
  12. JoeR

    Dwarf Barbados Cherry

    So at the Winter Bonsai Silhouette show I bought a dwarf barbados cherry prebonsai from a vendor for what I think is a good price. I have been thinking about purchasing one from wigerts for some time. Anyway, I bought it saturday and I noticed today that the leaves drop very easily when...
  13. ColinFraser

    Nanking Cherry (Prunus tomentosa)

  14. Termite Cherry tree

    Termite Cherry tree

    Re-potted this Cherry tree in a much smaller pot, this tree need lots of work still. An air layer will start this year as suggested by member... SMOKE!
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