1. E

    EM42's Aronia Chokeberry 50% off

    On July 7, I bought this Aronia melanocarpa tree/shrub from Home Depot's 50% off area - originally marked as $19.98 and purchased for $10. I'm brand new to bonsai but I have a tiny seedling Chokeberry that was really pretty when it bloomed this spring so I thought it'd be nice to have a bigger...
  2. LeftHandLuke

    Sapsucker or Sapsucker Killer?

    This morning while working on a chokeberry that I’ve been training for about a year I noticed the unmistakable signs of [duh-duh-duuuuuuh!!] honeydew on one of the leaves. So I look immediately above that spot and there’s one of those little whitish critters trying to look inconspicuous. Oh no...
  3. Kanorin

    Kanorin's Aronia melanocarpa - 5 year native tree challenge

    Bad news: Our sewer line has a crack in it and a strip of my yard and landscaping needs to be dug up next week for sewer repairs. Good news: I get a chance to "save" this black chokeberry bush and see if it will tolerate joining my tiny tree collection. It's got a pretty decent base as I've...
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