collecting from wild

  1. circledisk

    Preparing a large acer campestre for collection in NC

    Hey everyone, this is my first post here so please forgive me if it's in the wrong forum. I thought of putting it in the Collecting one, but wasn't sure. I am preparing a rather large Acer Campestre yamadori for spring collection. I have collected a few trees in the past but don't have anything...
  2. Alaskanrocket

    Collected White Spruce (P. Glauca)

    Rarely on my scouting trips do I ever locate anything that has really good potential for a well developed tree and never before in a native soil that allows for confident collection. BUT on my last outing I found this guy which in my opinion holds both good potential and had a great root...
  3. Maros

    Maros Bonsai YouTube Channel

    I just tied to join the ranks of BonsaiNut Youtubers. Filmed, edited, and published my first attempt. I would be glad if you find time to watch it and hopefully, someone will find parts of it useful. My new video is dedicated to the aftercare of yamadori trees for bonsai, by using the Black bag...
  4. W

    In ground root training?

    Over View - My family owns a large plot of land in central Ohio. Beech, hornbeam, oak , redbud. ERC, several pine . There are several stands of beech trees. I want to start the process of collecting several trees. With the larger trees say 2in plus thick truck. I have given several the chop a...
  5. SU2

    [POLL] BC (and Red Maple) collection/yamadori's this season in the SE USA -- discussion on horticultural-timing of doing the deed!!

    [edited-in: I altered Poll phrasing from "optimal" to "OK", was my mistake - we already know optimal lol - so, "OK" is inherently subjective, for me I'd say it's acceptable to collect when I know I'll be getting a minimum of 4/5 success rate, whereas waiting to 'optimal' is more of a 19/20...
  6. Rivian

    Safe to collect small hornbeams this month?

    I found small carpinus betulus ( I think ) that grow in clay/mud/leaf mold and I want to dig them up. I know if I can get them home without disturbing the root ball at all theyll be fine. But then? Maybe I should do this and then bareroot them in february 🤔
  7. F

    Large Azalea Yamadori. Need advice.

    Hello everyone, Seeking advice on the best time of year and and any general best practices when collecting Azalea Yamadori. The research I have done online is giving me mixed singals on the best time to transplant or collect Azaleas and figured it would be in my best interest to consult with...
  8. L

    Too late for collection?

    I have a small Jacaranda tree growing in my neighborhood that I want to make into a bonsai. It's small enough, but it started sprouting about 2 1/2 weeks ago, and as you can see is now leafing everywhere. It is though continuing to have new sprouts. I know Jacarandas are extremely hardy, but...
  9. J Carlton

    Collecting an American holly

    So I think this might be the first thread I have ever posted. Probably should have made an account long ago and asked way more questions during the past. I mostly only collect from wild for my trees. Which I’m sure a lot of you kno, comes with its own set of stipulations. I live in central North...
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