collecting from wild

  1. W

    In ground root training?

    Over View - My family owns a large plot of land in central Ohio. Beech, hornbeam, oak , redbud. ERC, several pine . There are several stands of beech trees. I want to start the process of collecting several trees. With the larger trees say 2in plus thick truck. I have given several the chop a...
  2. SU2

    [POLL] BC (and Red Maple) collection/yamadori's this season in the SE USA -- discussion on horticultural-timing of doing the deed!!

    [edited-in: I altered Poll phrasing from "optimal" to "OK", was my mistake - we already know optimal lol - so, "OK" is inherently subjective, for me I'd say it's acceptable to collect when I know I'll be getting a minimum of 4/5 success rate, whereas waiting to 'optimal' is more of a 19/20...
  3. Rivian

    Safe to collect small hornbeams this month?

    I found small carpinus betulus ( I think ) that grow in clay/mud/leaf mold and I want to dig them up. I know if I can get them home without disturbing the root ball at all theyll be fine. But then? Maybe I should do this and then bareroot them in february 🤔
  4. F

    Large Azalea Yamadori. Need advice.

    Hello everyone, Seeking advice on the best time of year and and any general best practices when collecting Azalea Yamadori. The research I have done online is giving me mixed singals on the best time to transplant or collect Azaleas and figured it would be in my best interest to consult with...
  5. L

    Too late for collection?

    I have a small Jacaranda tree growing in my neighborhood that I want to make into a bonsai. It's small enough, but it started sprouting about 2 1/2 weeks ago, and as you can see is now leafing everywhere. It is though continuing to have new sprouts. I know Jacarandas are extremely hardy, but...
  6. J Carlton

    Collecting an American holly

    So I think this might be the first thread I have ever posted. Probably should have made an account long ago and asked way more questions during the past. I mostly only collect from wild for my trees. Which I’m sure a lot of you kno, comes with its own set of stipulations. I live in central North...
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