collecting trees

  1. a0kalittlema0n

    Master Discussion: Summer and Fall Collecting and Repotting

    I've been trying to do research on this topic for awhile now, but I've never personally collected in the Late Summer/Fall. I have read stuff from Walter Pall, Harry Harrington (, and others about collecting at this...
  2. E

    Collection areas in Ireland

    Hi, I was wonder if any Irish people who do bonsai know any places that are good for collecting raw material. Any help is very appreciated Thank you
  3. O

    New to the site + Question about collecting trees

    Hello! I have been stalking the BonsaiNut forums for quite some time now and it has now come the time to join the community. The resources available on the site are insane, especially since you can get info from all different perspectives, which really sold me. I'm very excited to continue...
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