cork bark elm

  1. Julio-Rufo

    Ulmus parvifolia - Cork Bark - progression

    This Ulmus was purchased last winter and looked like this: During the last year it was pruned (the top) and pretty much left alone (water and feed). It is quite a strong tree and sprouted all over. after leaves dropped: Today after some light cleaning and minor wiring: It will be...
  2. Apex37

    Ulmus Parvifolia 'Corticosa' - Cork Bark Chinese Elm #1

    Tree #3 from Brent at Evergreen Gardenworks and my favorite of the three. Really nice movement all the way up, decent size trunk and all. I'm torn on what I want to do with this guy. Obviously need to thicken the trunk significantly, but could use styling tips. Any thoughts? :)
  3. Bonsai_paul

    Elm doing well after its fall.....

    Its budding well after its fall out of its pot, Here is a better image of it with a proper camera. Next plan is to plan what needs to go next spring :-)
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