1. S

    Has anyone tried Fremont Cottonwood?

    Hi everyone, I am new to Bonsai and even newer to this site. I have a few trees doing well (Blue Juniper, Live Oak, Arborvitae), and I am ready for my next. My favorite tree is the Fremont Cottonwood, and it grows everywhere in my area. I am hoping to find a good specimen growing outdoors...
  2. HorseloverFat

    HorseloverFat’s 2020-2120 NON-ideal NONtest entries.

    (((WARNING! UNDEVELOPED UNSUITABLE SPECIMENS FOLLOW, proceed at your own risk Alrighty... let’s get right down to business. This idea has been in “embryo”ever since the informative discussion on the “most difficult tree to bonsai” thread. Since I have been making threads on a few of my...
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