crape myrtle

  1. Rivian

    Cold hardy crepe myrtle?

    I read there are crepe myrtle / Lagerstroemia indica that were bred for Zone 5. I would like to add a few to my growing field, they have such pretty bark. Please tell me anything you know about this, especially if you have first hand experience
  2. Joelshack2362

    Crape Myrtle flowers

    This is my Crape Myrtle that I rescued from my moms garden bed! I have had it for four years now. I just repotted it in the spring. Looks like I got some flowers this year!!
  3. Joelshack2362

    Blooms on my Crape mrytle

    I recently transplanted this one this spring. I'm glad to see flowers and buds. I think that's a good sign the transplant went well.
  4. PeaceLoveBonsai

    Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia) - Where to go from here?

    This is a crape myrtle (CM) I picked up at local nursery a little while back: I love the bark and nebari looks good, I thought... After consulting w/ the GREAT @Stickroot , I decided to heed his advice and chop it back...keeping only the small trunk untouched, thinking I might make it a...
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