double trunk

  1. czaczaja

    Double trunk help

    I wanted to make this into a double trunk but after cleaning turns out that the split is way too far up the trunk. Would applying a tourniquet just below the split work in thickening the base and putting out roots?
  2. Apex37

    Neea Buxifolia #1

    Picked this up from Wigerts and haven’t made a thread for it yet. I think this can make a nice little double trunk shohin. Total height right now is about 10”. Front: Back: Base (about 2.25”-2.5” - hard to tell without taking it completely out): Some design ideas, let me know what you...
  3. N

    newly collected boxwood

    hello all, i recently acquired a small boxwood shrub from my neighbor as a gift, as he was replacing his shrubs with azaleas. received it bare rooted, potted into a pond basket with some home made soil (one part lava, pumice, de, and pine bark mulch respectively) the tree had a nice thick...
  4. Drekula

    Japanese Boxwood: Double or Single Trunk?

    Hi Everyone, I am brand new to bonsai and have fallen in love with boxwoods. I have read that boxwoods are very slow-growing, so when I saw a tree this size at a local nursery, I was excited. I am seeking advice on my end design for this bonsai. Should I keep the large first branch and create a...
  5. BonjourBonsai

    Question on position of air layer, or when you come to a fork in the road, do you take it?

    I'd like to air layer a part of this Acer P. but I'm not sure where. Should I: layer below the Y and make a double trunk, Layer the left or the right and leave the other, or Layer both above the Y There are some leaves below the Y so if I did 1 or 3 the tree should be ok. If I did 2, I could...
  6. fucious70

    Boxwood Design Guide. 1 trunk or 2

    My first boxwood. I saw it sitting by itself and was totally drawn to it. I pruned off the top but puzzled on which direction I should take, 1 trunk or 2. For 2 trunk, I plan on cutting at the red line. Have the larger branches all lean towards the right. That vision makes me feel like a...
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