1. TreeFrenKen

    Just dug up this Blue Jacaranda

    Any tips on care now that I have it in a pot? I used the soil it was growing in, for now. What soil/when should I replace it? What else should I do to it? Thank you all in advance
  2. Apex37

    Leaves Starting to Change on Crepe Myrtle. Time to Bring in?

    First year in bonsai so still learning and this will be my first winter. I know on all my other tropicals I need to start bringing them in once it starts dipping below 50. My crepe myrtle being sub-tropical, I assume to treat the same. The leaves are already starting to change pigments and...
  3. Z

    Leaves yellow and dropping by off

    Hi , it’s been about two-three months now, since my flame tree has been growing and I’m not sure if my plant is dying or just dropping leaves as the season changes? I do live in Canada, Toronto specifically, any advice on what I should be doing? I water about twice a week, enough to keep the...
  4. DamianTrimboli

    JWP Season change

    Hi! I'm from Buenos Aires and I'm travelling in March to Italy and I'm planning to buy a JWP there and bring it here. It will be winter and almost spring there, and it will be almost fall here.. What should I do to be safe of the season change? I brought staff from Italy before, Itoigawas, JBP...
  5. Andrew R.

    Chinese Elm changing leaves

    Hello- I am wondering if this Chinese Elm is just losing its leaves because it is fall here in Chicago and has been a bit chilly recently, though the tree has been indoors. Or, is there something seriously wrong with it? The yellowing started a few days ago, maybe a week. The tree has always...
  6. Joelshack2362

    Got from clearance section!!

    Hello I'm rather new to bonsai and have a general question. I got this tree from the clearance section and it had dropped most of its leaves. I have had it for about two weeks and it seems to be growing back rather quick. My question is with fall coming up should I just let it go it's natural...
  7. G-Hoppa

    What would yew do in a situation like this?

    Hi there-- I just picked up a large (4-5 foot) Taxus hicksii with a decent trunk (maybe 2 1/2" dia.) for a great price. But it's been sitting in the same 5-gal pot for a couple years at the nursery and it's yellowing badly. Nothing wilted or dead yet, just murky yellow-green all over. I figure...
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