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  1. R

    Ficus leaves turning brown

    Hi! I am pretty new to ficus bonsai (and to plants in general). It's leaves started turning brown, drying and falling off. The first pic is from 30 sept, the second one from 3rd oct and the last one from today (so you can see the evolution). I water it once a week until the soil is hydrated and...
  2. BonsaiJ33

    Ficus Ginseng Help

    Hello, Very new to bonsai I tried to do my research before purchasing but got a ficus ginseng as a gift. It was root bound so I ordered a new pot with soil (it was organic apparently not the best I didn’t know). It’s on a window sill with plenty of sunshine. It’s been reported for 3 weeks now...
  3. Kodama

    Finicky Ficus

    Ugh...I knew it..after a couple weeks of adjusting the ph to 6 from 8± and adding silica medium strength in hopes to encourage better growth on this ficus it seems to have the opposite effect. It's under t5 lights 12 hrs/day.
  4. rafa8238

    Please help with my Ficus trunk

    Hey guys, so i have this ficus ginseng (microcarpa) and a few months ago it started to show this browinsh/yellow spots, i letted it go beacause i thought it would just go with less watering but it stills there. I used to spray water on the leaves more than its supposed to so i think thats the...
  5. Storm_Lord

    Ficus dropping leaves - yellowish with black spots - please help!

    Hi everyone, I have been caring for a Ficus for a few years now. In the last week or so, it started dropping leaves. A few of these leaves are yellowish, while others have brown or black marks on them. I've attached a few photos. The tree doesn't seem healthy, and I'm not sure how to fix...
  6. C

    Ficus Microcarpa help

    I currently have two ficus microcarpa. The first is tiny and I've had it since the fall. It seems to love my apartment conditions so I made a much larger investment on a second one. The new one is about 25" tall out of the pot, so something fairly large that I desperately want to keep alive...
  7. Apex37

    Ficus Leaves Purple/Brown

    Can anyone help ID what might be going on with my ficus? Some leaves are turning brownish/purple.
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