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    Japanese Quince, Boke
  2. Clicio

    Should I give up on my Japanese Quince? It is sick, help needed.

    After one year caring for this Chaenomeles in training, and having fought against spider mites during the end of the summer, I am lost to why it is still behaving badly this winter. It bloomed in Autumn. It didn't drop its leaves in the Fall. Leaves are losing their green color, chlorosis like...
  3. amatbrewer

    More info on a "Chinese" quince?

    On impulse this spring I picked up a quince ($15) that looked like it might make an interesting cluster or storybook style tree some day...if I don't screw it up or kill it (which are much more likely). When I asked abut what kind of quince it was all they could tell me was it is "Chinese". I...
  4. Clicio

    Japanese and Chinese Quinces - Thorns?

    Hi, I have got a couple of quinces today from a Japanese-owned nursery. One is labeled "Japanese Quince Double White Flower-Chaenomeles Speciosa", and the other "Chinese Quince Red Flower-Chaenomeles Sinensis/ Pseudocydonia Sinensis". Apparently they look the same (they have no flowers now), and...
  5. C

    Comtorted flowering quince

    Chaenomeles speciosa "contorta" This was a gift given to me a few days ago. Spring can't come soon enough for this one. Anxious to see the flowers.
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