1. amatbrewer

    More info on a "Chinese" quince?

    On impulse this spring I picked up a quince ($15) that looked like it might make an interesting cluster or storybook style tree some day...if I don't screw it up or kill it (which are much more likely). When I asked abut what kind of quince it was all they could tell me was it is "Chinese". I...
  2. Clicio

    Japanese and Chinese Quinces - Thorns?

    Hi, I have got a couple of quinces today from a Japanese-owned nursery. One is labeled "Japanese Quince Double White Flower-Chaenomeles Speciosa", and the other "Chinese Quince Red Flower-Chaenomeles Sinensis/ Pseudocydonia Sinensis". Apparently they look the same (they have no flowers now), and...
  3. C

    Comtorted flowering quince

    Chaenomeles speciosa "contorta" This was a gift given to me a few days ago. Spring can't come soon enough for this one. Anxious to see the flowers.
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