1. Rivian

    Thoughts on endo and ekto mykorhiza for bonsai?

    I bought some from mailot a while ago and used it now. Has anyone noticed a beneficial effect? Or even done side by side comparisons?
  2. A

    Black shoot tips on black bag pomegranate hardwood cutting. Fungus?

    I have this Pomegranate hardwood cutting that has been in a black bag for almost 2 months now. The tree is producing a lot of shoots, however most of them are turning their tips black after they start to elongate. At first I thought that it was because they were getting burned after having...
  3. T

    celtis australis problems. fungi? disease?

    In the spring of 2020 I dug up a few celtis australis trees that grew on an abandoned lot near my house. There were hundreds of seedlings left untouched for about 10 years under the parent tree, an 90 year old huge tree. Although the leaves are not so pretty (the tree is also called nettle...
  4. claramsh

    Help! My Chinese Elm seems to have a disease and I don’t know how to treat it...

    I’ve purchased this Chinese Elm about a week ago, and I noticed some of the leaves had some black spots on it. I thought, okay, I need to cut them right away and I need to get a fungicide, but it took me a week to even try to find the best fungicide for my bonsai. I have found that emulsifying...
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