1. palafr01

    Seed Division: Palafr01's Ginkgo forest

    After the set backs with my dawn redwoods, I decided to enter some of the ginkgo biloba seedlings I grew this past year for the contest instead. As per the rules I give a summary of the 2022 growing season.
  2. LeftHandLuke

    Suggestions for Potting LARGE Ginkgo

    Greetings! I have a vision to pot a fairly large ginkgo in a similarly large pot. It's currently seven feet from trunk base to top but I'll be wiring/bending it into a moderate curving S-shape. Could anyone share suggestions on the style of pot that would best complement this vision? I wasn't...
  3. palafr01

    They come in all shapes and sizes. The Bonsai Nut seedling thread.

    Hey everyone since so many of us grow trees from seed here I thought it would cool idea if we had a thread where everyone could share their seedlings. Given the random nature of seed growing, every so often truly weird or unique individuals show up that are extra special so if you if have any...
  4. whofeelsitknowsit

    Ginkgo - where to chop?

    Hi everyone, I'm not super new to bonsai, but I took a break for the last 5 years or so while raising small kids, and I'm now getting back to it. While I'm not new, I recognize I still have a ton to learn. I left several trees neglected in large pots for the last few years, including this...
  5. Cosmos

    Nursery ginkgo - good base, where/when to chop?

    Bought this ginkgo today. It sort of winked at me as I was browsing trees in the pouring rain, being small enough to fit in my car and 1/3 the price of the taller, less interesting ginkgos on offering. My instant feeling was "good wide base, not perfect (a bit of reverse taper) but interesting...
  6. Rambles

    Improving Mariken Ginkgo nebari

    As I am still getting to know my recent acquisition, I discovered that the trunk's "surface flare" is actually a knuckle that resulted from grafting and that the trunk narrows down again below the surface. There is about a 1.5" space from where the roots are to where I would like them. "No...
  7. J

    Ginkgo Biloba

    I am Crazy interested in Ginkgos and currently have 18 different varieties. There doesn't seem to be a section for them under the "TREE" section so I though I would try and start one here. Please help me figure this forum system out if I am doing this all wrong. Ginkgos Do not heal over scar...
  8. ColinFraser

    Fun Little Ginkgo Progression

    Just a little tree I've been screwing around with for a while - nothing amazing, but its been fun so far. Here are a couple of teasers while I find the 2014 photos . . .
  9. B

    Ginkgo Starter

    Just to piggy back on what i said in my last post. But I've got a few more questions this time. I got this tree at a local nursery. Its about 3-4 ft tall now. It has the trunk size I'm looking for. It came in a two and a half gallon pot root bound. It has a decent nebari going already i think...
  10. Jacos

    Ginkgo Biloba with massive root system

    Hi all, Today I dug out my Ginkgo. It was quite a job, because this one has a massive root system. I washed out all of the native soil, trimmed the roots and potted in a mica training pot. No pruning has been done now. I am very fond of this tree, I have it since it was quite little. Some...
  11. Shan Anand

    Visit to Monastery of the Holy Spirit, GA

    Merry Christmas, folks! Visited this place a couple of months ago to check out their Bonsai collection, pots they had and was not disappointed at all.. Here are some pics from the visit.
  12. Brian Van Fleet

    Ginkgo from seed

    In 1996 I collected 11 ginkgo fruits (incredibly foul-smelling), and seven of them grew; 4 are still living. This one has been in the ground in Iowa, chopped back annually for the last 14 years, and was dug this spring. My buddy brought it down this weekend, thought I'd share. It's about 18"...
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