1. mikeybeanzz

    New Greenhouse, any vital tips?

    As winter approaches I have lots of questions so I just started this account. I have like 50 plants all collected this year. I’m sure they’ll do fine in here over winter. These plants are very young some very little roots. Anything I should know before heading into winter? Thanks a bunch -...
  2. Alaskanrocket

    Indoor greenhouse action

    Im rapidly running out of room because I hoard Ficus cuttings.
  3. electraus

    Would a greenhouse serve any purpose for someone growing in coastal California?

    Hi everyone, Several times now, I’ve been told that a small greenhouse is a worthwhile investment even when growing in a climate like the Bay Area’s but I’ve never entirely understood why. I know it’ll extend my growing season, but I feel like I barely get a dormancy period as it is. This...
  4. Sammy V

    Intro.. this hobby escalated quickly!

    Hi everyone! I'm technically not new, I had a Juniper in college and promptly killed it.. or it may have gone dormant for the winter, and I thought it died. :confused: Just got back into it full force, after passing a roadside bonsai stand 150 times over the last 2 years. It's a 3 year old...
  5. Bonsai Noodles

    Overwintering with a mini-greenhouse?

    I read a few threads on how greenhouses are a bad idea for overwintering trees — especially temperate ones. But would it work for me though, since I live in Zone 4a (Minnesota). That means winters can dip as low as -20/-30 F, and average winter temperature high/lows are 30-10 F. If the...
  6. BuggsBalmer

    How necessary are greenhouses or related structures?

    Hey everyone I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. I am in Grahamstown, EC, South Africa. We have a similar climate to the Cape with predominantly winter rainfall, although recently rainfall has been very sporadic and unpredictable as we're in a 5-year drought. I have recently moved...
  7. parhamr

    I built my first bench

    It's 8 feet long, 12 inches deep, and 18 inches tall. The total material cost was about $75 for this bench, and I have materials for five more benches. Some of the coming benches will be taller and twice as deep. I've intentionally put money into the lumber—select tight knot grade Western...
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