ground grown

  1. Y

    Trident maple in ground

    Hello! Longtime lurker, so fascinating to watch y'all do your thing. I'm a rookie tree killer and live east of Atlanta GA USA (zone 8a). I planted a trident maple many years ago not realizing how larger it would eventually become and since then my landscaping plans have changed. I'm going to...
  2. Tieball

    Field Maple. Acer Campestre. It’s Been Lifted Now

    After about 12 years of growing first in a box and then transferred to the ground for further growing this Acer Campestre, Field Maple, twig grew enough to be dug-up and boxed. Bittersweet feeling....after all those years of easy care...watering and sometimes weeding. Just watching and growing...
  3. Paulpash

    Field grown Birch

    This tree I've grown in my mother in law's beds that I 'acquired' for bonsai when she got ill and I had to do the maintenance :(. It's around 15 years old as best I can remember. It seeded itself there and for once I decided it could stay as it was in a gap. Normally, I'd weed them out - at...
  4. BonsaiMatt

    Digging a Large Trident Maple

    This Trident has been growing in my yard for around 10 years, I think it was probably around 5 years old when I planted it. I had a bunch of earlier pictures of the trunk development, but naturally I lost them. I've allowed it to grow to 15-20 feet and chopped it back to the ground around 5...
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