1. Apex37

    Summertime Woes 2022

    This summer has been brutal for a lot of people. We hit 100 degree days back on June 11th and it has not let up. Yesterday got up to 111 and looking like it’ll be the same today and tomorrow. We’re not even in our hottest month yet. Trust me when I say I’m ready to move. I wanted to start a...
  2. BeebsBonsai

    White Oak repotted- full sun or shade?

    Hey fellow nuts, A coworker brought in a white oak saplig for me today and i repotted it. Had to, i know i know its not good to do this time of year, but he dug it up out of his yard and the tree was in the slimiest, thickest clay ive ever seen. I had to dig around it within the pot to...
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