1. Bailey

    Hokkaido - What's life without a little challenge?

    So far I have killed every Seiju and Hokkaido I have gotten in relatively short order. But I keep trying and learning each time. They cannot stand drying out, need to be close to a light source without being burned, and they hate my cold winter's despite being cold hardy. The latest one I have...
  2. Live2explore

    My Hokkaido elm.

    I’m pretty new to bonsai, have Experience with plants and “full” size trees from growing food to landscaping and lawn care. I have about 6 bonsai and I just picked up this old elm ( nursery estimated it around 100years old) for a great price, they said it has been declining over the last few...
  3. Kanorin

    Ulmus P. 'Hokkaido' clump - What would you do?

    Background: I've been putting sticks in pots for just under a year now. I've got about 10 trees in the very early to early stages of development, so I was very excited to find this tree at my local nursery, which I believe could be made into a decent (for a beginner) shohin-sized bonsai in maybe...
  4. C

    Neglected hokkaido elm

    I got a Hokkaido Elm out of the trash at work. Its in bad shape but has some green growth and it is budding! I need to know how to help it get healthy again. I think it was being overwatered. Should i prune the naked branches even if they have tiny green spots on them? Should i repot it and...
  5. Rambles

    Hokkaido Wintering

    I am certain this has been mentioned before, but I am clearly missing it: How cold tolerant are they, really. Just picked up a small hokkaido to play with. Yes, aware of their various shortcoming (brittle, slow-growing, etc), but I see lots of references of them being barely cold tolerant to...
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