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  1. Faisal Ahmad

    [WTS] Ixora Mini Dwarf (Red) Bonsai | Blossom | Informal Upright + Triple Trunk Style | H 25 cm

    Hi I want to sell my Bonsai Ixora Mini Dwarf. my base location in indonesia Bonsai Progress : 98 % (only waiting full blossom) Age Tree : 7 years Growth Rate : Slow Soil Type : Peat, Black sand Soil pH : Acidic please PM me if you interested
  2. Faisal Ahmad

    Ixora Mini Dwarf (Red) Bonsai | Blossom | Informal Upright + Triple Trunk Style | H 25 cm

    Hi This is my Bonsai Ixora Mini Dwarf Growth Rate : Slow Soil Type : Peat, Black sand Soil pH : Acidic H : 25 cm please advice for things I can improve. thanks
  3. PowerTap

    Twin Trunk or Informal Upright?

    I've had this Star Magnolia for a little over a year and I was initially drawn to its twin trunks. My plan was to eventually shorten the left trunk and make the right more dominant. But this morning I looked out the window at it and was struck by the idea of converting it instead to a single...
  4. JuniperSol

    Tall Escambron Styling - Literati? Informal Upright?

    So I recently purchased this rather large Escambron that was collected from Puerto Rico about 8+ years ago from a gentleman in Florida. I do really like it (even if it doesn't follow the rules of Bonsai all the way), but could use some styling advice. I have gone ahead and started on some of the...
  5. HENDO

    Juniper Informal Upright Chop - Opinions Please!

    Hey All, I have a relatively decent nursery specimen here and am contemplating a relatively hefty cut. The trunk gets fairly straight and untapered towards the top section then the leader curves downwards in a large arc that just isn't looking realistic to me. I'm thinking of chopping at the...
  6. electronfusion

    Styling Advice for Young Cherry Tree

    Below is my rainier cherry tree, which I acquired spring 2019 from a local nursery and immediately trunk chopped. It's been growing vigorously since and just lost its leaves for the winter. Next spring I plan to air layer it off of its dwarfing rootstock and possibly rework the chop site. A...
  7. Big Country Bonsai

    Anyone have experience working with Quercus stellata (post oak)? Any advice appreciated

    I was lucky enough to purchase this pretty cool oak prebonsai at a Dallas nursery and just had to take it home with me because I think it has potential to become something awesome in the future. From what I’ve read collecting oak is something that’s not necesarilly easy to do and it was awesome...
  8. Fishtank307

    JWP informal upright styling

    I gave this tree an initial styling a couple of weeks ago. It's a grafted JWP I bought from a bonsai nusery. The curves in the trunk reminded me of 'classical', elegant bonsai and I really wanted to keep that in mind while styling this tree. I had chosen this side as the front because of the...
  9. D

    first old gold juniper from nursery stock

    My first styling of a juniper I am hoping to make it into an informal upright. I did Shari on front of trunk and jin on the branch above. There was another branch below the branch I did the jin on and tied them together. I don't know if I should have waited to do the jin and Shari. if anyone has...
  10. willhopper

    Informal upright ficus “before & after”

    My wife got this ficus for free at a bonsai convention in Orlando last May and hasn’t touched it since. She is real timid with styling and wiring so I took a crack at it today since I’m still learning and this tree was free. There were some wiring challenges and I still might thin out the top a...
  11. jriddell88

    Southwestern white pine; strobiformis

    Collected by Alvaro in 2016 . Seemed to be vigorous pushing buds has a pot full of fine rootage , so we smashed it down , rootball will be looked at in the spring and .......... Let it grow
  12. Josiana

    Bargain Juniperus Chinensis Stricta

    I just recently purchased this Stricta for 49kr (5usd?), and it is my first 'proper' foray into bonsai (I have a green carpet juniper I have only repotted and a ginseng ficus). I made a training pot for it, but will wait for spring to transfer. And I will clear the soil that is currently...
  13. parhamr

    Dwarf Norway Spruce progression

    I bought a 3-gallon Dwarf Norway Spruce in mid 2016. I think it's a "bird's nest" cultivar from Iseli Nursery. This purchase was my first Spruce. I'm working on an informal upright with a sturdy, masculine style. November 2016 Its first pruning from nursery stock. The tree canopy was globular...
  14. Thornhill

    New and confused

    Hi all! New to the forum and also to the exciting and befuddling world of bonsai. I have had an interest in the hobby for many years and have killed my fair share of trees due to many rookie mistakes (poor soil quality, trying to keep junipers indoors etc.). I recently purchased a juniper that...
  15. parhamr

    Shimpaku D progression

    This is how my fourth Shimpaku looked when acquired in May 2016. (My fence was in progress!) I paid $85 for it in a silent auction and felt good about what I paid. The trunk has a 2.25" diameter above a strong basal flare. I started pruning and found the tree was well overgrown, in sandy loam...
  16. OrganicSeasonal

    I bought this thing in the winter time, it's awakening now or something?:[

    Hello all. Well I bought this beautiful jbp bonsai from Grove Way bonsai in Hayward ca in the winter time. I'm a veggie Gardner with good plant knowledge, but I've been puttingJapanese Black Pine #2 by OrganicSeasonal posted Mar 7, 2017 at 7:17 PMJapanese Black Pine #1 by OrganicSeasonal posted...
  17. parhamr

    Ulmus parvifolia (A) progression

    I’m working on a longer term informal upright Chinese elm. I purchased the tree in early 2012 and its first three years were subpar due to my noob usage (“learning opportunity”) of subpar soil material (too organic), inadequate pot sizing, and poor timing of pruning. Tiny tree, mid-2012...
  18. parhamr

    Pinus sylvestris 'Glauca nana' project

    Today I bought a 3" trunk diameter Dwarf Blue Scots Pine nursery tree. This will be a long term project and it is my first Scots. I suspect this is grafted but I have yet to see an obvious union mark. I did a tiny bit of digging around the trunk and found field soil with some fine feeder...
  19. parhamr

    Japanese larch progression

    I obtained this tree for about $10 as a rooted cutting in a 4" nursery pot. The sapling was planted in pumice and scoria. June 2014: After purchase, I slip potted it into an 8" round nursery pot. March 2015: May 2015, showing a lack-of-water mishap: (and/or bad repotting aftercare) 2015...
  20. parhamr

    Pseudotsuga menziesii (Douglasfir)

    I have had this for two years. It has many more to go.
  21. parhamr

    Progression of Acer macrophyllum C

    April 2012 Seedlings collected in Portland, OR. April 2014 This was a larger pot with way too much sand and bark compost. June 2014 Repotted. May 2015 January 2016 I repotted this tree into a 7-gallon grow bag with diatomaceous gravel and pumice. For aesthetic purposes I trimmed...
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