1. M

    Bugs in soil

    Good evening! Since my birthday on June 11th I'm a proud owner of 2 bonsai's after wanting one for ages. The next day, wanting to water them, little bugs came from the soil and started crawling until the soil dried up a little, going back inside the dirt. Whenever I try touching them, they...
  2. LeoMame

    ID tiny black insects (a lot) in soil - JRP

    Hello everyone, I noticed lots of tiny insects in my red pine's pot. Curiously there are no flies around, so that might rule out fungus gnat? They move fast but not as fast as the red mites, and they are only in the soil. In a massive number. Sorry for the terrible quality of the photo. Any...
  3. chumpplays

    Strange Insect on my Juniper Leaves

    Hello everyone! I just bought my second procumbent nana the other day and upon getting it home I noticed a few of these beetle like creatures crawling around the foliage. I counted about four of them. they don't seem to run or even hide and can be easily picked off. any idea what these are and...
  4. Tbwilson33

    Neem oil damaging trees

    Hey everyone, so my issue has been some insects lately scale, aphlids, and spider mites. I’ve used neem oil and every time I’ve used it yes the infestation is gone but my trees are damaged. I’ve tried different methods of application. Like spraying the trees down with fresh water in the morning...
  5. Clicio

    Nut or paranoid? I HATE those gnats!

    Hi folks. Is it just me, or do those fungus gnats drive everyone crazy? I have tried many paths; watering less and less, vinegar traps, neem oil, insecticides, the awful yellow stick trap, a combination of all. Partial success; but after some 15 days or so they reappear. By the way, this has...
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