1. Clicio

    How to instruct a Jaboticaba so it doesn't misbehave!

    It is in fact simple. 01- FULL DEFOLIATE in midsummer. 02 - LIGHT TRIM in the beginning of the Fall. Someone has to have a strong hand here!
  2. D

    Little help with Jaboticaba bonsai

    Hello everyone! Thanks for viewing my post and offering your insights. I’m new to bonsai and started 6 months ago, I have two golden gate ficus microcarpa’s and this Jaboticaba, I’m having some little difficulty with the Jaboticaba, overall it’s been healthy but I’m noticing browning tips of the...
  3. Clicio

    You feed your Jaboticaba in the Spring and the bark explodes.

    Well, it's a mix of Biogold, Hanagokoro and fish emulsion. Basacote, just a sprinkle. A lightly diluted kelp emulsion sprayed every month... And the Jaboticaba has to change clothes, as the old ones don't fit in its new fattened trunk. First image from three months ago, trunk images from today...
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  5. Clicio

    It's time to post your best tropicals here!

    No hard rules. Just post your best tropical trees and give us the names of the species. I will start this thread with two favorites : Jabuticaba and Pitanga. First, the Jaboticaba (or Jabuticaba as we call it in Brazil), in a Shugo Izumi pot: Plinia cauliflora, the Brazilian grapetree...
  6. Clicio

    Three tips on Jaboticabas

    A native of the wetlands of southern Brazil, Jaboticabas are one of the most sought after fruiting trees for bonsai in tropical countries. So if you like them, here it goes: 1-) They love wet feet, as much as Wisteria, and their roots can never dry out or they die. A wet tray under the pot...
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