1. A

    Is this pest or just normal? Portulacaria afra

    My sageretia is being treated for mildew and just wondering if this is something bad on my portulacaria afra or just the way they look. The white above/below the leaf nodes.
  2. Séan Warnick

    Look at my Spekboom.(Portulacaria Afra)

    My transplanted spekboom is final starting to recover. Started from a cutting about 15 years ago when I was still a laaitie. It's been field grown for about 7 years and was transplanted 2 months ago. 70cm tall with a trunk diameter of 42cm at the base. Absolutely beautiful taper. I have...
  3. Nefreia

    Identifying a Crassula and a Ficus

    First and foremost, I've finally decided to come out of the shadows. I've been stalking around this site for about a year now, made an account a month ago, and here we are today. And second, I'm new to the bonsai world and trying to learn what I can as I go. I currently have two plants that I'm...
  4. MattE

    My 3D printed Mame pot

    Just wanted to share a pot and stand I printed for my little mame "in progress" portulacaria afa. After alittle elbow grease , paint and sealer and im calling it done for now. Thanks for looking!
  5. P

    P Afra - first time repot, wire, and prune

    Hey Everyone, I bought a cork bark p afra nursery stock two months ago and after letting it grow out in its original bonsai pot (mostly pine bark and soil which was very dense) I pulled it out and swapped the medium for high draining bonsai grit (inorganic + some pine bark). Repotted it back in...
  6. TurtleSquisher

    Hi friends!

    I wanted to introduce myself! I recently got into this ancient hobby back in December and I wanted to start getting into the community since I've basically dedicated 10% of my lifetime to these little guys. I would also love any sort of tips on an improvement, within reason of course. So far...
  7. walawelo

    Starting a jade bonsai

    I saw some interesting jade bonsai on this forum as well as on youtube. I want to start one. I got this jade from a backyard succulent grower out in the country. It looks like it has grown in a very heavy clay top soil (like a little brick). the roots seem to be very fine and this cutting hasn't...
  8. 1D8F7BB7-8CC5-43DA-9ED3-6CF2CB9CCE3C.jpeg


    Jade stump
  9. I

    Jade (Crassula Ovata) - Help Bonsifying

    Hello Fellow Nuts, First time posting on this forum. I am super excited with this recent acquisition of largeish Jade (Crassula Ovata), and need some help on what to do as next step. Its 2.5ft tall and quite heavy so I am looking to figure out how best to reduce and style it. What would be...
  10. Jacob Jaimes

    Jade Forest

    Nothing extravagant but here is a Jade forest I've created from a clearanced bunch purchased from Wally World. I let the individual plants dry like cuttings & wired them down in a cedar box crafted with my dad. :D
  11. MountainExplorer

    Is this 20 year old jade worth my time?

    I have a dilemma, there is this beautiful jade tree just about at 20 years old 55 inches high and 55 inches wide where is approximately 200 pounds. Now my question is what are these things worth? Considering it is a BIG beautiful tree well multiple but I would be bending over backwards to get...
  12. ekim046

    Jade Bonsai Update

    Hey folks, New to bonsainut (and forums in general) so bear with me please as I settle in :) I have a few bonsai I'd like to share, the first of which is quickly becoming a new favorite of mine - a Jade (portucalra afra) bonsai. I've made a few videos on some of the things I've done to her...
  13. gallina1594

    Jade Forest

    I was given a 10 lb bag of Jade cuttings a year ago. I sorted through the bag to find the most unique branches, and branches that had matured to "bark". I propagated the cuttings in cactus soil for 3-4 months. I have them set in their positions, and their roots are stable! Next step, getting...
  14. Saddler

    A Jade Tree I Have been "Styling" For Five Years

    My Mom has been growing this tree for almost twenty year in the Yukon. She managed to get it to flower every year, the only Jade trees I have seen in bloom. Every year or so I would go up and prune it back because it would get too big for her and she was afraid of killing it. When she moved...
  15. aphid

    My tropical trees

    My sad looking tropical trees finally are now outside. They stay inside from November to April every year. Even with a south facing window and a metal hide light, they don't do well inside. Most of the willow leaf ficuses lose their leaves by January from spider mites, but bounce back when they...
  16. Saddler

    Cypress sitting on a cliff ROR, help needed.

    I bought this cypress last spring with the intent of putting it on this peoce of jade but didn't have a box big enough for it. After forgetting about it for the winter, I just found my grow box so I need to repot it tonight or tomorrow. Opinions on where I should set it on the rock. I consider...
  17. Saddler

    RoR Acer P. on Nephrite

    When I moved into my townhouse almost two years ago, a maple had been growing from seed in an overgrown pot in the backyard with roots that went almost straight down. I was gutting the yard and nothing was going to be left back there so it either had to die or get repotted. I have a few pieces...
  18. Lauren Shisler

    long legged beauty.

    Or.. not so much ;) haha I've been looking around the web for a few weeks researching the how's and what's of my jade I got last summer. It wasn't happy in the room with a western window, and dropped quite a few of its leaves. And the remaining ones were starting to go soft. So, I moved it to...
  19. B

    Large jade project

    I was recently gifted this 15-17 year old jade and it is in desperate need of some work. I am new to bonsai and am a bit reluctant in how to proceed. I know it has to go into a new pot as it has been in the same one for the last 8 years, along the same wall. Any advice would be most welcome.
  20. jomawa

    Ahhh, sweet "success", (until these Ming Jade die).

    Back in August 2016 at the local bonsai club meeting I was given a couple rootless sprigs of "Ming Jade". Both about 1/32nd inch diameter "trunks", and about two and three inches long. Knowing nothing about this plant other than what the mother plant looked like, figured I'd give it a try to get...
  21. SumatraDave

    My poor Jade

    Hello all! I just wanted to show you what I did over the weekend to my jade. I've had it for about 4, years now. I had it in a pot that was way too big for it and the soil stayed too wet. So over this weekend I decided to repot it into something smaller in order to get better soil in it but...
  22. Castanea

    Baby Jade stressed.

    Hi all Last weekend I bought a variegated baby jade from a pre-bonsai section of a local nursery. The plant had nice form and appeared to be healthy. Since wiring it into a bonsai pot only a few days ago, the plant's health appears to have declined some. The leaves have begun to wrinkle and...
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