1. Bonsai Orange County

    Shimpaku Repot - Pot Choice

    Happy 2022 fellow BN fam!! Hope this year is off to a great start for everyone. I wanted to gather some thoughts on pot choice for my Shimpaku that I acquired from @mattspiniken in late summer 2021. The tree has passed from several BNr’s through tree years since it started at Evergreen Grarden...
  2. I

    Newbie styling

    Hello everyone! I am brand new to this whole process. I recently picked up some nursery stock of carpet juniper and boxwood and styled them. What do you think? Both of them started off as bushes, and the boxwood was a bunch of branches sticking out of the soil so I just clipped the ones I didn't...
  3. D

    Kind of Juniper ?

    Hey guys , Quite a large tree, would say Shoulder height..Just a ordinary Juniper Chinensis? :) thanks guys
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