juniper styling

  1. HMF

    Advice With Juniper Styling

    I recently have been getting into bonsai, and purchased some Juniperus Horizontalis to just practice wiring and stuff with. After feeling like that went okay, I decided to take a risk and order another plant online. I ordered a 'Blauuws' Juniper Chinensis, and was pretty surprised when it...
  2. Apex37

    Juniper Styling -- Apex

    Well finally got around to trimming and styling this juniperus virginiana I bought from Lowe's for $2 back in February. I got him when I first was starting up bonsai and really had no idea what I was doing. I hadn't done anything with him other than trying to keep him alive as he looked rough...
  3. JBP_85

    Foundling Juniper (Juniperus virginiana??)

    Hi Everyone, I was walking my dogs through a local park yesterday and came across a downed oak tree. We’ve had a lot of rain and high winds lately. When the oak fell it uprooted some other plants at its base. This Juniper (at least I think it’s a juniper, possibly juniperus virginiana from...
  4. Gottibonsai

    Mame Juniper cutting progression

    Hi! I'm an 18 years old italian guy and I'm into bonsai since 2016. That's my first thread ever on this forum and I'm so excited. I want to show you a brief evolution of this mame juniper that was gifted to me from a friend in 2018. It was already a 3 years old cutting. Unfortunately I don't...
  5. Brad in GR

    Nursery Stock, Solstice Styling (Chinesis)

    One of a few pieces of nursery stock, for education and styling practice - old Gold Juniper (Chinesis). Comprehensive haircut. I like the nebari potential and sacrifice to thicken down low for now. Tilted towards the viewer for eventual structure. I am a novice when it comes to wiring but am...
  6. Crizzi Questions

    Blue Star juniper nursery stock styling advice

    I purchased this nursery stock blue star juniper 3 weeks ago. I’ve slip potted into a slightly larger pot adding potting soil mixed with orchid potting mix (mostly bark). I kept it shaded for a week and now have it transitioned into full sun. I’ve cleaned up the trunk some and cleared dead...
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