1. M

    Inverse Trunk Juniper

    My parents bought me a juniper bonsai. It needs a fair bit of work from what I can see. Unfortunately, that involves an inverse taper. Would planting the tree in a bigger pot help to thicken up the lower portion of the trunk which has the inverse taper? Would I need to get a branch growing...
  2. M

    Inverse taper in a juniper

    My parents bought me a juniper bonsai. It needs a fair bit of work from what I can see. Unfortunately, that involves an inverse taper. Would planting the tree in a bigger pot help to thicken up the lower portion of the trunk which has the inverse taper? Would I need to get a branch growing...
  3. C

    Overgrown Upright Juniper. Next steps?

    Hi folks! First post here and would be happy to benefit from your wisdom and experience. I got this very healthy, nice-trunked Chinese Juniper at a local nursery. It is very overgrown, with lots of long branches and thus out of proportion. (But at $20, it was just too nice to pass up on.) Still...
  4. A

    Juniper wiring

    First attempt at wiring so go easy on me please 😂 Got this juniper from a local nursery. Any tips & constructive criticism is very welcome! Cheers, Aaron
  5. AnutterBonsai

    First time with Juniper Parsonii

    Bought some rooted Parsoni juniper cuttings! Does anyone have experience dealing with them and developing pads/ ramification? I’ve heard they’re really hardy so that’s a plus for my zone. Excited to develop both of them and try different styles. thinking of uppotting them soon, maybe… because...
  6. dlquick

    Shimpaku Juniper Beginner Bonsai

    I've always been intrigued by the elegance and art of bonsai since I was a teen, and now that I'm in my 30's I realize that I've wasted the last decade not doing any research or even purchasing my first.. until now. I'm the typical excited, over-anxious, impatient, and nervous first time buyer...
  7. AnutterBonsai

    Uppotting mallsai

    Hello all! My first post, long time lurker. I have three mallsai, one Chinese elm and two junipers; my question is: I’d like to uppot them for thickening of trunk and growth and development of the trees. What type of soil will I need for both types of trees? I live in Houston, TX Bonus question...
  8. pstaboche

    Juniperus squamata styling advice

    New to bonsai and nervous about removing large branches. The first picture shows the slight S bend I'd like to use as the front but there's a branch (1) near the top that may detract from the trunk line. My bigger problem is the lower branches. I can't decide which ones to keep! Second picture...
  9. D

    Please help! Green tips have turned brown

    Hi, I just joined the site/forum because I’m really hoping to get some help and advice. I was gifted a beautiful 19 year old juniper bonsai for my birthday in March. It lives outside in my backyard in Washington DC and it’s from New York so we were assured it’s in the proper climate. For the...
  10. Bu-Jetjet

    Hollywood Juniper grafted with shimpaku

    The time has finally arrived! I finally received my sensei’s (Roy Nagatoshi) blessing to cut-off the approach graft we did from 2019. 🙌🏽 One of my 4 junipers.... and probably my only graft. Waiting on this thing to be successful gave me more anxiety than grad school 🤣
  11. BradM

    Shimpaku Juniper - Yellowing

    Hello all – First post and it’s a doozy! I’ve been reading through a lot of this forum and it appears to be a very knowledgeable/active community so I’m happy to be a part of it. So we purchased a ‘Shimpaku Juniper Bonsai’ tree just over a month ago from a local nursery. They’re pretty well...
  12. Apex37

    Juniper Styling -- Apex

    Well finally got around to trimming and styling this juniperus virginiana I bought from Lowe's for $2 back in February. I got him when I first was starting up bonsai and really had no idea what I was doing. I hadn't done anything with him other than trying to keep him alive as he looked rough...
  13. R

    All of juniper’s tips are browning?

    I’m unsure why but every branch, every tip of the foliage is starting to brown, I also see either no or little growth on any of the foliage (in UK). I used miracle grow all purpose fertiliser balls at the start of spring if that makes any difference. I used their recommended amount. This is a...
  14. Apex37

    Struggling Junipers

    Hi all, I have been really struggling with Junipers and I feel like my problem is lack of sunlight, but maybe I'm wrong. Either way, I could really use some tips. My house is kinda in a bad spot for full sun trees and I'm finding this out as our neighbor's tree has grown excessively the past...
  15. bonsaianak

    San Jose Juniper Topiary to Bonsai

    Recently styled this san jose that i got from a garden nursery. I’m happy with how it turned out since it was basically a bush when i got it but I was hoping to get a few opinions on some issues that i have with it. 1) Height: I feel like the trunk line is too long and would be better if the...
  16. JuniperSol

    Recently Styled my Juniper, thoughts and advice? I'm still learning

    Today I purchased a Juniper from a local nursery garden and fell in love with its movement. After some pretty hard pruning and a bit of wiring, I managed to get this unique shape and movement. Some Redditors have recommended that I prune it back more, which I agree with but am unsure as to how...
  17. Grovic

    Itoigawa juniper repot?

    Hey guys, I just got this Itoigawa juniper prebonsai from I plan to let it grow for a few years, but the nursery pot has to go, I live in an apartment so growing in the ground is not an option, so I have a some questions: A) Should I do root work and repot into a new...
  18. RoadManDenDron

    Potential introduction

    time to finally introduce myself, another Lockdown noob! grateful to have found my interest heading into winter so plenty of time to read and learn from so many great posts on here to prepare me for the spring growth I am enjoying watching in my early trees who probably owe their young lives to...
  19. Apex37

    Browning on Juniper

    Not sure if this should even be of concern, but I noticed some brown spots on some portions of my juniper. I got him from eBay probably 2 weeks ago. I just rather play it safe than sorry and reach out to those who know probably more. I haven't watered him in about 4-5 days, so I did that to...
  20. G

    Target Soil Moisture Level for Juniper Procumbens nana

    Hello Everyone, I purchased a Moisture meter 3 in one kind, and was hoping someone could give me some idea on where I want my soil to be on the meter. I have a 4.5 inch Juniper Procumbens "nana" (Outside) Bowl...
  21. T

    What’s this lump on my new juniper?

    I bought a juniper yesterday and found a couple lumps at the trunk. Are these galls or just callouses or something entirely different? Thanks in advance
  22. JBP_85

    Foundling Juniper (Juniperus virginiana??)

    Hi Everyone, I was walking my dogs through a local park yesterday and came across a downed oak tree. We’ve had a lot of rain and high winds lately. When the oak fell it uprooted some other plants at its base. This Juniper (at least I think it’s a juniper, possibly juniperus virginiana from...
  23. Balbs

    Juniper 'Old Gold' Styling and Progression

    I'm going to document the progression of an Old Gold Juniper in this thread. After staring at it for a year and a half, I think I understand why there are so few threads on this cultivar on here. Anyhow, July of 2019 I came across this tree at a local HD and I liked the trunk and what I could...
  24. MiyagiFan

    Yamadori Juniper

    Hey Bonsai Nuts! Well, I had a pop up opportunity to collect this big Juniper I found in a local field last night. Had to get it now. I've read a couple non bonsai articles that best time to collect Junipers for transplanting is in the fall before the first freeze. I've also read here that...
  25. Zac chandanais

    Juniper styling assistance

    Hey guys! been a while since I’ve been on but it’s good to be back. The last three years I have been traveling to ND for work 6 months at a time. Long story short, I left my girlfriend in charge of watering my trees and came home to a bunch bacon in pots.... luckily I was (and still very much...
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