1. T

    What’s this lump on my new juniper?

    I bought a juniper yesterday and found a couple lumps at the trunk. Are these galls or just callouses or something entirely different? Thanks in advance
  2. JBP_85

    Foundling Juniper (Juniperus virginiana??)

    Hi Everyone, I was walking my dogs through a local park yesterday and came across a downed oak tree. We’ve had a lot of rain and high winds lately. When the oak fell it uprooted some other plants at its base. This Juniper (at least I think it’s a juniper, possibly juniperus virginiana from...
  3. B

    Juniper 'Old Gold' Styling and Progression

    I'm going to document the progression of an Old Gold Juniper in this thread. After staring at it for a year and a half, I think I understand why there are so few threads on this cultivar on here. Anyhow, July of 2019 I came across this tree at a local HD and I liked the trunk and what I could...
  4. MiyagiFan

    Yamadori Juniper

    Hey Bonsai Nuts! Well, I had a pop up opportunity to collect this big Juniper I found in a local field last night. Had to get it now. I've read a couple non bonsai articles that best time to collect Junipers for transplanting is in the fall before the first freeze. I've also read here that...
  5. Zac chandanais

    Juniper styling assistance

    Hey guys! been a while since I’ve been on but it’s good to be back. The last three years I have been traveling to ND for work 6 months at a time. Long story short, I left my girlfriend in charge of watering my trees and came home to a bunch bacon in pots.... luckily I was (and still very much...
  6. BonjourBonsai

    Juniper Score!

    Saw a neighbor digging up his yard and asked if he was saving the juniper on the edge of the construction zone. He said no and he preferred small trees like Japanese maples. Ding ding ding! I bought a blood good JM last fall for nothing at a close out sale. It was not a good bonsai investment...
  7. B

    Unhealthy Shimpaku

    Any idea as to why my oldest shimpaku isn't doing as well as my other Shimpakus? I water it maybe 1 to 2 times a week minus rain fall. There are 2 other shimpakusaround it that are deep green and healthy. Im slightly inexperienced with evergreens and can't figure out why.
  8. Hartinez

    You be the judge. Blue Pfitzer Juniper

    Sup Nuts. Thought I’d have a little fun with this one. I’ve always done as I pleased in terms of styling, but I thought I’d open the floor on this Blue Pfitzer Juniper I bought for $30. Purchased this one just over a month ago. And all I did was run a few skewers through the dense root ball...
  9. JLee9706

    Over or under watering...?

    So I think one of the recent heat waves (113-117*) and smoke in the air (El Dorado Fire) had me over watering for a while. But now I can’t tell if I am i over watering or this is from previous under water from the sudden heat. This is happening to two of four of my junipers. One that is not...
  10. J

    Juniper tree newbie

    Hi everyone. I just started getting interested in bonsai this summer. I’ve just found a juniper with root in a bit a bad condition so for now i just did so trimming. I just wanted to know how could one develop or style the tree i have.
  11. DonovanC

    Juniper wiring tips? Guidelines? Rules of thumb? Personal spins?

    I’m pretty much new to wiring junipers... I mean I’ve done it, but I’ve never really known what I’m doing. And I’ve really only started taking the practice more seriously this year. I have a number of cuttings from the last 2 years and a few of them have grown enough to start working on - or at...
  12. mudvein

    Yamadori Western Juniper WIP

    I collected this Juniper from a cutting job I was on last year. Suggestions welcomed for design ideas. Planning on the first wiring next year to give this a full 2 year recovery period from collection. My initial thoughts are to lean it for a repot angle change and wire it into a wind inspired...
  13. K

    Chinese Juniper Growth Rates

    Hey guys, I have a few questions regarding chinese junipers and was hoping some of you kind souls could help me out :) 1. Does anyone know roughly how fast the unnamed Chinese Juniper grow (as in cm/in per year)? I'm hearing many different opinions and lengths regarding their growth rate. 2...
  14. rollwithak

    Juniper Procumbens Nana - Pruning Advice

    To Whom Wishes to Advise: I am going to do a little bit of trimming on this lil guy and was hoping someone could steer me in the right direction as far as what I should be looking for while I thin this guy out? I just want to take a little bit off as it’s gotten quite bushy this growing...
  15. Hartinez


    Hey Everyone. Been pretty silent on here lately. Though I've still been quite busy with Bonsai stuff. Personal life has been all over the place. Sold a house, moved, bought land, moved again, designing a new house, 3 KIDS ALL DAY EVERY DAY, trying to keep my business afloat, KIDS ALL DAY...
  16. D

    Shimpaku Styling

    Hey guys Finding this guy tricky to style . Can go a few routes with this and just not sure 😅 any Juniper style wizards out there who could gimme some direction and other options ! Would appreciate Thanks guys ⚡️🤙🏼
  17. F

    Please help me identify this Juniper!

  18. SeanS

    Procumbens nana looking dry and crispy - Help!

    Over the last few months my procumbens that I bought in December last year has been getting progressively lighter in colour and a lot of the foliage is drying out. It was a bright, vibrant healthy green when I got it. I repotted it a soon as I got it as the nursery soil was really bad and the...
  19. Clorgan

    Juniper pfitzeriana progression/ideas

    Already posted this project in a newby thread, but I think this is my first material that actually has alright bonsai potential! So I think it deserves its own thread (the other threads may be added to the burn pile 😂 ) Added photos of work so far - pruning (tried not to do too much)...
  20. P

    Blue Pacific Shore Juniper Styling advice

    After years of lurking I've finally decided to create a post here on Bonsainut! I have this Blue Pacific Juniper (J. Conferta) that I recently acquired and I was hoping to get some styling advice. I was thinking of creating an informal upright with it but I'm open to suggestions. I didn't find...
  21. J

    New Junipers for great (?) price?

    Hey all. Still very new to bonsai, but I stopped by a nursery and fell in love with some grey owl junipers. And I feel like they were a super good bargain?! (Under 20$ each) Tell me what you think? Good for bonsai? Bad? What I should start with? I know they’re not in like great condition but I...
  22. J

    Is My Juniper Bonsai Ok?

    Hi all, I received my bonsai around Christmas time. I have been trying to water it just enough so that it doesn’t get too wet (usually about once a week or so.) The tree seems to be doing alright as there is new growth on the side facing the window. However, the side not facing the sun is...
  23. mwar15

    Western Junipers

    I have 3 western junipers that I am not in love with. Some may call them “Yamadori” but I don’t know if they are worth calling them that. They are all 3-5 years from collection. I will see if there is any interest here then off to FB. They will be $20 to ship each. I’ll take JWP or known...
  24. C

    Maintaining junipers formal style?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to bonsai and I recently purchased an upright styled juniper. How should I maintain the height? Should I cut or break the top by a foot? Any other tips would be great. Thank you!
  25. L

    Juniper dying! Help

    So I bought this juniper about a month ago and I attempted my first wiring on a bonsai. I accidentally completely cracked the trunk and it split off. I did a completely horrible job, and other parts of the tree have turned purple, and now crispy and brown. I sealed the breaks with wood glue, as...
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