lodgepole pine

  1. N

    Questions on bending pines after cutting a wedge out of the trunk

    I bought an 8' tall lodgepole pine (Pinus contortus) in a large plastic pot for $30 from a private seller about a year and a half ago. The trunk just above the base was about 4 inches in diameter. I was going to plant it in the front yard, but in the summer I noticed that it had a powdery...
  2. PowerTap

    To much pot?

    So I bought this mica training pot from Wigerts for this pinus contorta. Because I bought online and it's a first training pot, I went mostly on dimensions. The tree is 28 in from soil to top. The pot is 16in across and 4in deep. Which should fit the sizing rules of 2/3 the height or width and...
  3. Kanorin

    From Seed Division: Kanorin's Lodgepole and Aspen mountainside planting

    Warning, experiment in progress! I've never done anything like this before. This past winter I built this funky box to look like a mountainside planting. And while my box-building skills aren't amazing, I think I was able to cover up the flaws pretty well using a homemade muck (roughly equal...
  4. parhamr

    Pinus contorta var murrayana progression

    I obtained this tree in 2014 and I'm progression from upright to slanted. It is the Cascade Range subspecies of the Lodgepole Pine. I have a trunk notch started with the intent of folding it over on that line. That styling would turn it into a mashed and contorted mountain tree. This will not...
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