1. R

    Ficus microcarpa maintenance tips

    So I've recently acquired this ficus microcarpa. I really like it's current form but I want to thicken the trunk a bit more as well as develop the aerial roots more(maybe make them a bit more thick as well).I'm looking for detailed pinching, pruning, maintenance tips for this one. All advices...
  2. apic92

    Buy a tree in Japan, leave it there

    Hi folks, I am doing some research about the Bonsai market and thought I would ask the community here to discussed some topics. Open-ended question to avoid any bias :) Here is the first one. I am wondering what do you guys think about buying a tree at a Japanese bonsai garden, in Japan...
  3. J

    Limber Pine 3-4 Year-Old Needles Removal

    I bought and repotted this Limber Pine in Spring. When would be the best time to pluck/remove the browning 3-4 year old needles on single flush pines? Some needles just fall off with little effort and some I have to pull a little bit for it to come off. Would it be fine to remove the needles now...
  4. P

    Step by step help please!

    Hi all! I got a bonsai kit for a fun project for the family as my mother-in-law had mentioned bonsai and my husband expressed interest. It turns out I’m totally addicted to these little sprouts. I had some hiccups with about half my seeds, which I looked up solutions, retried and 2 of the 4...
  5. Minnesota Madman

    Maintenance/History/Photo Journal App

    HI everybody. I was at a bonsai auction this fall and bumped into somebody I had recently purchased a tree from. I asked him how he wintered the tree and he whipped out his smartphone and had an extensive list of all his trees with critical data such as wintering needs, hardiness zones, history...
  6. BonsaiVirgin2018

    Help identifying my new bonsai!

    Hi All, I am new to Bonsai care. I’ve bought this tree today and I’m wanting to identify it’s species for ideal care & maintenance. Can anyone help? I’ve looked on many bonsai identification websites and can’t find anything similar. Any tips will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  7. Ryan H

    Clover as a Companion??

    Hi all, On different page I came upon the idea of using clover as a companion plant for bonsai in order to add nitrogen and prevent water loss from inorganic soil in arid climates. I live in Phoenix and was wondering if anyone has tried/has opinion on the subject. From what I have read, a...
  8. Aaron V

    Newbie needing advice on first bonsai!

    Today I finally picked up my first bonsai tree which is a 7 year old Juniper (not sure the exact species) and it looks great! I have done a ton of research and it seems that the more I search, the more questions I have. Any advice on Juniper care helps a ton considering there isn't much of a...
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