1. R

    An apple (tree design) for your thoughts

    A penny for your design thoughts anyone. My mom has donated huge fruit trees to me. As long as I make them giant bonsai I have free reign to do whatever. This apple has decided it wants to live and grow up to be a bonsai. The green and white tag was buried with it from bur-something but it was...
  2. R0b

    Malus progres

    Progress thread for my Malus not sure if this is M. Halliana or M. floribunda. I purchased this tree two years ago as a bonsai starter. The tree was grown in Korea. Unfortunately I wasn’t taking pictures of my trees for a while, so my first picture of it is from flowering last year. It didn’t...
  3. Kidkidsupreme

    Malus Domestica: Repotting and styling advice

    Hi all, This is my first post here. I managed to buy this Malus Domestica for just €20,- through a Dutch webshop (happy to share a link if it's allowed). As this is my first pre-bonsai to bonsai project, I seek for some advice. Attached you can find two pictures of what I could consider the...
  4. ThornBc

    Finding the tree in the tree, malus layer project

    Winter has just started here in Scotland and I'm finding myself itching to start the projects I've set aside for spring, but I can't, so I'm using my time planning and making virtuals. Here's one of those projects. I bought this top-worked, mini standard patio Malus for very cheap, after it made...
  5. Fonz

    How realistic is this Malus project?

    I live in area where lots of apple and pear farmers have their growing fields. Once in a while a field gets cleaned out to make room for new trees. A little over a month ago I went to one of those fields where all the trees where being pulled out of the ground to get put through a shredder. One...
  6. Orion_metalhead

    Unknown Malus (Crabapple) Clump #1

    From collected seed at gas station in Virginia. Need to repot closer together next year. Age: 1yr, 1yr, 1yr, Training: 1yr, 1yr, 1yr Width: .23", .23", .19" Height: 15", 13", 11" Front: From right: Back: From left:
  7. baron

    Malus Domestica advice

    Hi, I bought this Crab a few weeks ago at Noelanders, but in all honesty I have not worked with crabapple's before... I'm kinda of clueless here on how to progress with this tree or come up with a working plan for it. I did repot it about a week ago into a slightly larger pot because it was...
  8. Fishtank307

    Shohin Siebold's crabapple

    I just got this tiny shohin crabapple (Malus sieboldii). The previous owner chopped the trunk 3 years ago. It's growing very vigorously! The top has a nice taper and there are a lot of branches to work with. The scar is still very visible, but healing nicely. The branch at the top will be cut...
  9. N

    Crabapple Clump Project

    I've had this Crabapple (don't know the variety, sorry) for a couple years now. Started as a little shrub of prebonsai material, which I selected for its trunk movement and nice lower branching (the radial rooted flaring base was a nice surprise). In my vision, this will be the center trunk of a...
  10. Grant Hamby

    Shohin Crabapple Project

    Here's another crabapple air layer I made this year. I'm hoping to keep this one in the shohin size range. My current plan is to sort out the roots and pot into a pond basket this spring and let the main branches thicken up. I'll have to smooth out the chop transition eventually, as well. I'm...
  11. Grant Hamby

    Mame Crabapple Project

    Over the summer I separated a couple crabapple air-layers and I'm starting to see a mame within one of them. When I separated it, I chopped it at almost the right spot, but now that I see a mame, I need to chop it slightly differently. My question is when, but any tips on making a clean chop...
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