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  1. glass_shark

    Question about a 'rehomed' maple

    Hello all, I have this maple that I snatched from a bush about a year ago, its been doing pretty well since then. Nice fat white roots on the bottom last I checked, which was several months ago. Only problem is, theres a spot right at the base where there is some rotten dead wood, and the new...
  2. M

    I need urgent help to save a maple.

    I have this green Japanese maple tree that I don't know its species. It has lost almost 90% of its leaves. When I got it, it looked sick and many of its leaves had dried up, and it was in a room with a split air conditioner that was on during the day and off at night, and the room temperature...
  3. C

    Giant Japanese maple stump. What to do?

    We recently purchased a home with a huge Japanese maple stump in the back yard. It has shot a ton of shoots out and I’m curious as to if I can propagate from any of these shoots and maybe what could be done with the stump. I’m not sure why the tree was cut to begin with but we do have another...
  4. T

    HELP! Deshojo not doing well

    Hey all, new to the JM scene and looking for advice.. I got this Deshojo late April, I believe it was around the 24th that showed up, it was shipped from out east so it was in a box with peat covering the pot and wrapped in plastic, the stems were bent in half. Vibrant red are pics on arrival...
  5. W

    Is this a standard maple

    Hi all, hoping someone can help me out. This was a cutting off of a garden tree, is this likely a standard green acer? Parent trunk was dark green/greyish
  6. palafr01

    Amur maple advice

    Hey guys another post here about a troublesome maple that i have. I have had the tree for 7 years and due to a combination of poor soil for a number of years and neglect it has ended up in this sorry state. 2 years ago i placed it in an APL mix to improve the roots but the akadama degraded. So i...
  7. p_anova

    Ugly acer needs help! Trunk chop or root graft

    Hello all. I actually bought this guy for my mom on Mother's day maybe 10 years ago from the DC Arboretum convention. She put it in a pot and just left it. After years of neglect, she gave it back to me and I am trying to sort it out. No real nebari to speak of and the branching has tons of...
  8. D

    *Canada* Help! - Japanese Maple For Sale?

    First post here! Does anyone know where I can source Japanese Maples in Canada w/ Purchase online? I see the USA has lot's of vendors like MR.Maple; Eastern Leaf; etc. I'm located in British Columbia and not sure how to import. If anyone will point me in the right direction I'd appreciate...
  9. J

    Advice for maple, leaves shrivelling/curling during fall.

    I currently live in hong kong, the weather has been getting significantly cooler by the day and windy. I notice my maple has its leaves turned red recently but some of them after turning had either shrivelled or started to curl on the tips. I havent but the tree in harsh direct sunlight. I do...
  10. B

    New Lions Head

    I found this Lions Head at a local nursery that looked great for bonsai. Seemed to be cared for very well and it's about 2 feet tall. As it stands I dont feel like there is much to do to shape this one besides transferring it to a small pot. Any other ideas for this???
  11. C

    Help/Advice - Florida Maple Bonsai Tree

    Hey All, I got my shovel and scooped up a few Maple tree saplings the other day from the yard and I was hoping to get some advice on what to do with them. I know the pots aren't traditional bonsai pots and all i had at the time was potting soil.Can anyone tell me what I should do next to get...
  12. SilverioSan

    Aphids on my Maple, What You Guys Reccomend?

    So funny enough this morning I both the Bayer 3-in-1 Insect Disease and Mite Control Concentrate from Amazon and just now having a close look at the newest shoot on my maple that's what I have found (See Picture) Would this product be safe enough on my maple tree and can I use it also on my...
  13. Bonsaikev1985

    Any advice on this newly collected Red Maple!!

    Hey guys, this is actually my first post on here. Been doing Bonsai about 2 years now and have about 50+ trees. Have learned a lot in a short period of time... my question is about this newly collected Red Maple. I know it's really late in the year to collect here in New Jersey, but a friend of...
  14. Joelshack2362

    Help with possible Maple issue!!

    I have a Maple bonsai tree and I'm worried that I might have an issue with it based on the looks of the leaves. I just noticed this about two weeks ago thinking I might not be watering it enough! I have had the tree in its current pot for about a year and few months! I'm new to bonsai and have...
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