1. P

    PeriwinkleBlueTick's "this is not a contest" - 3 Nana's

    So I've been really hesitant to do any cutting on the mugo I purchased a few weeks ago, so I decided I would join in the fun and submit a trio of Nana's that I bought Saturday. Two of the three have similar shaping and the third will probably be a semi-cascade unless I can be convinced...
  2. aframe

    Old Juniper Procumbens"Nana" Progression

    April 2015 - Poor health, root bound. Basically it looked like one of those trees you get at the mall.
  3. M

    Pruning advice...

    I went out yesterday and bought this juniper and did a little pruning on it but I didn't want to get too carried away without asking for some advice... After
  4. KennedyMarx

    Procumbens juniper sharing megathread

    For those of us that have procumbens (nana) junipers, why don't we all share some pics? I've seen a bunch in the forums, but I thought it would be helpful to have a thread to share info and pics with each other. I recently picked up a couple Green Mound junipers. I thought they were just a...
  5. parhamr

    Juniperus procumbens 'nana'

    June 2014 Purchased for $12, labeled as a Green Mound Dwarf Juniper March 2015 Slip potted into a 3-gallon pot with soil at an approximate ratio of 2 parts diatomaceous earth, 1 part medium pine bark, and 1 part pumice. Fed with Osmocote 14-14-14. June 2015 I moved this into a ceramic pot...
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