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  1. Boex

    New to Bonsai in Montreal Canada

    Hello everyone, I've been interested in growing bonsai for years now and just found this forum which seems to have a lot of passionate members. Living in an apartment, with no good sunlight, I haven't really had the opportunity to start yet, but after visiting a friend of mine and randomly...
  2. K

    Flame Tree help!

    Hello, so I bought the Grown your own Bonsai from growbuddha, all came alright and i prepared all of the six types of seed i've got. Currently im sitting at Silk Mimosa, Black pine, Flame tree and Wisteria in the pots, and Judas with Japanese Maple in the fridge. I've managed to germinate the...
  3. cmsheehan

    Newly collected Yamadori Pine

    Hello everyone! Thanks so much for accepting me to the team... I mean group;) So I recently collected this beautiful pine from Massachusetts, right near the ocean. I believe it’s either a Scott’s Pine or Pitch Pine, possibly a Japanese Black Pine. I successfully transferred her into a new pot...
  4. R

    Grafting Desert Rose

    Hey Guys, i got pretty intrested in Desert Roses (Adenium) recently. I have read that Oleander and Adenium are somehow related and some people graft Oleander onto Adenium Rootstocks. Now i am very curious if that would work the other way around too but i could find nothing about that.. My Idea...
  5. H

    Seeking advice for Tucson, AZ newb

    I’m new to this world and to Tucson. My husband gifted me a Bonsai hobby for Christmas because I have been talking about it for years. After reading many threads I have found a local nursery to visit. My first question is what type of trees can we grow here? I have found so many different tree...
  6. ThornBc

    Hello! New to forum, not bonsai

    Hi everybody, after using this forum as a source of great info for a while I decided it was time to join and hopefully, in time, do my part to add something useful. I'm an Italian horticulturist and have been living in Scotland for 6.5 years now. I discovered the art of bonsai as a kid through a...
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