norway spruce

  1. Mrs. O in the wild

    9 month old spruce - How am I doing?

    Hello, I am looking for confirmation that I remain on the right track after repotting my Norway Spruce. I have been giving him a few hours of fresh air (on the front porch by an open window) here and there. It has been unseasonably hot so I felt it may burn in the heat. How are we looking? I’ve...
  2. Mrs. O in the wild

    Now what? Next steps please!

    Norway Spruce sowed on 12/31/2021. The New Years babies seem to be coming in nicely, but this is where I started to go downhill last time with some root rot. I think I have a good handle on watering appropriately. Let me know if you think otherwise. My question is, what do I do next? Too soon...
  3. T

    3rd tree, Norway "Little Gem" Weeper Progression from Nursery Stock, Any Advice, Criticism or Comments are Welcome

    Hi, I am new to bonsai. I have bought 4 trees so far from the nursery. This is my most recent. Nothing too exciting but its my only tree that looks like a tree right now haha. Let me know what you all think. I may also post pictures of my Boxwood, Hot Wings (Tartarian) Maple and Wells Weeper...
  4. Brad in GR

    Picea Abies - Nursery Stock styling and (lack of)skill-building

    Have been on another Ryan Neil kick lately (goes in cycles during the last two winters when time is had to view 1.5 hour vids). Notably, the Fraser Fir nursery stock styling session. Despite acknowledging this not being the best time of the year to work this species (gathered from Bnut this...
  5. Orion_metalhead

    Picea Abies (Norway Spruce) #1

    End of year on this tree. Only 1yr old. Age: 1yr Training: 1yr Width: .17" Height: 6" Front: From left: Back: From right:
  6. LaoTzu

    Mite identification - Norway Pusch Spruce

    Hello everyone (: I just got a Norway Pusch Spruce that I am hoping to slowly make into a bonsai. It has a ton of small little white mites crawling all around the soil and seemingly burrowing and hiding in the cracks of the bark. I got the tree at a discount in hopes of saving it but the tree...
  7. trew22

    Eastern red cedar, W. pine & Norw Spruce Help!

    Hello, i am a newbie to bringing my trees indoors in west michigan during winter. i realized that i have been making Bonsai's for many years, they just have been in the ground their whole life. I potted a prize ERC , White Pine, and Norway Spruce 18 months ago and they are very vibrant!. i...
  8. parhamr

    Dwarf Norway Spruce progression

    I bought a 3-gallon Dwarf Norway Spruce in mid 2016. I think it's a "bird's nest" cultivar from Iseli Nursery. This purchase was my first Spruce. I'm working on an informal upright with a sturdy, masculine style. November 2016 Its first pruning from nursery stock. The tree canopy was globular...
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