norway spruce

  1. LaoTzu

    Mite identification - Norway Pusch Spruce

    Hello everyone (: I just got a Norway Pusch Spruce that I am hoping to slowly make into a bonsai. It has a ton of small little white mites crawling all around the soil and seemingly burrowing and hiding in the cracks of the bark. I got the tree at a discount in hopes of saving it but the tree...
  2. trew22

    Eastern red cedar, W. pine & Norw Spruce Help!

    Hello, i am a newbie to bringing my trees indoors in west michigan during winter. i realized that i have been making Bonsai's for many years, they just have been in the ground their whole life. I potted a prize ERC , White Pine, and Norway Spruce 18 months ago and they are very vibrant!. i...
  3. parhamr

    Dwarf Norway Spruce progression

    I bought a 3-gallon Dwarf Norway Spruce in mid 2016. I think it's a "bird's nest" cultivar from Iseli Nursery. This purchase was my first Spruce. I'm working on an informal upright with a sturdy, masculine style. November 2016 Its first pruning from nursery stock. The tree canopy was globular...
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