pine care

  1. H

    JBP next steps?

    I recently acquired this 2-needle pine (which I believe is a JBP kotobuki - I could be mistaken. The seller had no idea of the species). It was balled and burlapped and basically left to die and so has essentially been neglected for several months now. Once I acquired it I slip potted it - root...
  2. Apex37

    Pine Pruning Plan

    I recently acquired this pine and I'm trying to figure out best plan here for long term styling. I have ideas, but my ideas and what might be best could be two different things. So to start, my long term goal would be to increase the trunk size to at least 3". It's about 2" right now. I'm...
  3. Lazylightningny

    Tutorial Compiled Vance Wood on Mugo Pines

    Compiled Posts by Vance Wood on Mugo Pines UPDATED 5/20/2018 Vance, I have gathered posts you made on B-Nut over the years from the archives. I have consolidated this info below. I appreciate your sharing your years of experience with this species. Thanks, on behalf of all of us here at...
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