procumbens juniper

  1. Y

    Juniper infection? Help

    I went on vacation for a month and had my brother watching this little guy. Came back and it’s not looking good. Started treating with been oil a week ago showing no improvement. Anyone know what this is? Fungus? Blight? Insect? It’s all the little black dots everywhere. And some of the tips...
  2. IMG_20220306_171456109.jpg


    This still has a long way to go but I'm really pleased with it despite obvious beginner mistakes.
  3. RELogan887

    New to Bonsai, Juniper Procumbens

    Hey all, Just got a Juniper and wondering if I can repot it to a nice ceramic I got with it. It’s cold one here in Ontario now but I got it from just down the street. Though it was a greenhouse with a nice climate, my window is bit cooler. I haven’t watered yet and just wondering if it’s ok to...
  4. L

    Lorax7 Procumbens Juniper #4 progression

    Didn’t take a picture of it when it was untouched and in it’s original nursery can. Here it is in a group photo in a wooden planter. I’d already trimmed some branches by this point (2018): Trimming and wiring (2019): Fall 2019: After group styling at club meeting (2020):
  5. L

    Lorax7 Procumbens Juniper #3 progression

    🍀 Lucky me, I won a tree! (Bonsai raffle) Before doing anything to it (2018): Before cleaning up and wiring (2021): After cleaning up and wiring (2021):
  6. L

    Lorax7 Procumbens Juniper #2 progression

    Progression thread for procumbens juniper #2 Before I did anything to it (2018): After Adam Lavigne workshop: Made up pretty for local show (2018): Let it grow with minimal work done to it (2021): Repotted it (2021): Haircut (2021): Side view:
  7. L

    Lorax7 Procumbens Juniper #1 progression

    Progression thread for my procumbens juniper ‘Nana’ Before I did anything to it After Todd Schlafer workshop (2019): Cleaning up the foliage (2021): Some wiring and bending (2021):
  8. TurkishTree

    Procumbens nana juniper, need information.

    I bought a Procumbens Juniper yesterday, Firstly I need to know about watering. Second can it live in balcony? Third about the fertilization. Please help me to learn these
  9. NJoyLife

    My first post and first Procumbens Nana

    Hello everyone. This is my first post. My wife bought me a Procumbens Nana for an early Father's Day gift. I am new to Bonsai and started in May of this year. I have joined a local club and I am attending classes so I can learn as much as I can. One of my first learnings was not to pinch new...
  10. KennedyMarx

    Procumbens juniper sharing megathread

    For those of us that have procumbens (nana) junipers, why don't we all share some pics? I've seen a bunch in the forums, but I thought it would be helpful to have a thread to share info and pics with each other. I recently picked up a couple Green Mound junipers. I thought they were just a...
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